UTM Tracking Training

UTM_Campaign Stats in GA4

View UTM_Campaign Stats in GA4 in 3 Easy Steps

Looking to Demystify the Way to See Your UTM_Campaign Stats in GA4? If you are wondering how you can find...

Uncover your old Google Analytics reports in GA4 in 3 easy steps

How to Find Your Old GA Reports in GA4

Already Missing Your Favorite Universal Analytics Reports? We got you covered! In this blog post we will show you how...

UTM parameter misconceptions

Debunking 14 Common UTM Parameter Misconceptions

By Cassie Mitova In the world of digital marketing, UTM parameter use is a standard practice when it comes to...

UTM Tracking and campaign attribution process in 5 steps

Craft an Unbeatable UTM Tracking Process In 5 Simple Steps

Master UTM Tracking with this 18-minute Tutorial. Build a First-class Marketing Campaign Reporting Process in No Time. Learn how to...

Excel URL Builder SuperPower

Unlock Your Excel URL Builder Mastery – Live Streaming Guide

Watch the recording of our live-stream event showing you how to supercharge your Excel URL Builder mastery with our latest...

Video Analytics & Tracking: Measure Conversions Using UTMs

Video Analytics & Tracking: Measure Conversions Using UTMs

Streamline Video Analytics & Tracking To Easily Measure the ROI of Your Video Channel Track video CTA clicks and conversions...

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