Google UTM tag generator, tracking URL builder, campaign URL generator

Our All-in-One Link Tracking Automation App Includes:

  • Web Link Auto-grabber+

  • Automated UTM Tag Generator +

  • Tag Template Builder +

  • Tracking Link Builder and URL Shortener +

  • Campaigns and Reports Dashboard Manager


So Much More Than Your Average URL Builder or UTM Tagging App

Marketing tracking app features Automated URL Builder + Campaign and Reporting Dashboards

  • Over 35 automation features
  • Cost-effective, requires next-to-zero learning, easy to adopt
  • Lets you centralize campaign tracking, introducing best practices with minimal hassle
  • No more partial or disparate tracking – now you can do it all in one place
  • Track with precision your live multi-channel marketing campaigns without stretching production times
  • No more hidden under-performing promotions – unveil near-instantaneous reporting to optimize spend and drive more leads and revenue
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Tag 1, 10 or 100 Links in One Go

Let our interactive wizard create all your UTM tags & tracking URLs for you. Tag 1, 10 or 100 links in one go. & export multiple URLs with a push of a button. No more manual work. No HTML or UTM codes confusion.

Zero-learning UTM tagging that generates better analytics with CampaignTrackly

Save time with our easy, intuitive interface. Use our dashboards and templates. Plus free resources & friendly support

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  • All your tracking work gets saved for you
  • Easily integrate link tracking in your daily process. Learn more

Automation Features at the Heart of the UTM Tag Generator

Fast, reliable, error-free management of:

Standard and custom UTM parameters. Learn more

 Long and shortened Google tracking URL links. Learn more

Campaign tracking, storage, and reporting. Learn more

Seamless, code-free, integration with:

View campaign data in CampaignTrackly – no need to login to GA analytics every single time.

Our five-star UTM
 Builder can shorten your links as they get generated so you don’t need to do extra work.

You can tag, build and use UTM links without the need to go back to our website.

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The UTM tag library and templates

Pre-saved UTM Tags

Use our pre-saved examples as a starting point when building your standard UTM tags library.  Add, delete, and use pre-saved tags in seconds. 

Unlimited Custom Tags

Create, pre-save, and re-use as many custom tags as you need with our handy UTM generator. Integrate them with the standard Google Analytics ones with a click of a button.

Bulk Tag Operations

Process multiple tags and tracking URL links in one go. Export all your tagged campaign data in user-friendly format for easy sharing and management.

The Google tracking URL builder and link shortener

Fully Automated Wizard

User-friendly step-by-step Google Analytics URL Builder wizard does all the work for you. No prior tagging or HTML knowledge needed.

Build URLS Anywhere

Flexible Chrome Extension enables you to use the link builder on any page without the need to visit

Shorten & Export in one Go

Auto-connection with Bitly enables tracking URLs to be auto-generated and shortened  automatically – no extra clicks or actions needed. 

Get started today. Automate your campaign tracking process and improve the quality of your insights, so you will never under-report your hard work. 

The campaign tracking management features

Centralized Management for better transparency

Instantly access your full campaign history and assets. Maintain a centralized database that automatically saves all your campaigns, tags, and URLs and can be accessed at any time from anywhere. 

Auto-generated graphs and charts

Get instant visibility to campaign performance with your automated access to Google Analytics campaign data. View in seconds how a campaign is performing across channels – sort through dates, names, UTM tags, and conversions in one screen. 

Standardized rules to eliminate errors

Effortlessly standardize the use of tag and campaign naming conventions to eliminate errors and under-reporting. Get higher ROI on your marketing by shrinking campaign production cycle and making better budget spend decisions.