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Video Analytics & Tracking for Youtube, Vimeo and Other Video Campaigns

Streamline Video Analytics & Tracking To Easily Measure the ROI of Your Video Channel

Track video CTA clicks and conversions in your Web Analytics Platform with a few clicks of your mouse using our drag&drop templates.

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Video Platforms Show you Number of Views and Time, but Is It Enough?

With video becoming part of the mainstream engagement channels online, video platforms are becoming more and more sophisticated in providing insights that can help you understand if your video resonates with its audience and if it is engaging enough. Metrics like view count, comments, and play rate are great tools that assess the quality of your content. But the key role of your video is to drive traffic to your site and generate conversions or direct revenue.
And to measure that, you still need to track your Calls to Action by adding UTM parameters to your video links.

Why You Need a UTM Builder for Video

Video Analytics & Tracking Should Work Together to Give You the Full Picture

All video platforms give you great insights into the quality of your video and you can quickly see if your asset is effective at keeping viewers engaged. But sometimes a viewer does not need to reach the end to convert. A 90-second video could convert certain audiences at the 20-second mark, and others – at the 60-second mark. And what is more important for your marketing goals – the time spent on the asset or the click that led to a purchase or form fill? Marketers are under pressure to showcase ROI on every video asset and every campaign they deliver – in a way that allows comparison across all channels, assets, and campaigns. Which means that in addition to the stats from your video platforms, you need UTM tracking for your video links to let your analytics tool add video campaigns to its engagement and conversion reports. To make sure that all your reporting is consistent, you need to have in place a well built link tracking strategy. Your strategy should rest on a solid UTM link builder platform that eliminates bad data and drives uniformity.

Video Analytics & Tracking Challenges

Don’t Let Adding UTM Codes to Video Calls to Action Be an Afterthought

Add UTM links as a Required Part of the Process

Remove your spreadsheet and opt for an automated tool that has an Edge or Chrome extension that can let you instantly grab the URL of the landing page where you want to take your viewer.

Save Time with Templates To Avoid Typing or Pasting

If you have an opportunity to create pre-set templates for every channel and platform – do make use of this opportunity. Not only will it save time, it will also guarantee that your tracking insights are always uniform and consistent.

Track CTAs Every Single Time

Plan to include Calls to Action in a way that will capture all your audiences – those who won’t watch more than 10 seconds, as well as those who tend to spend more time.
Create a template that can let you document and compare different CTA click-through rates, so you can gain a better understanding of the efficiency of your video. Use tracking templates to automate the process of adding tracking tags to your links.

Add Custom Tracking with Ease

Often times teams need to add more than just the regular UTM tracking tags to get more granular insights.
Certain information might need hidden values or specific tags might require numeric values with a set number of digits. Adding all these custom tags via an automated tracking code building platform can make the process easy and sustainable, resulting in accurate data every single time.

CampaignTrackly Has a Quick and Easy Solution for Video Performance Marketers

Watch this brief video to see how adding UTM tags can easily become part of your video production workflow and save a lot of time:

Read this blog out how to add tracking tags to your YouTube video CTAs in no time:

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