Get in control of your marketing reporting. Roll out best-in-class Adobe URL & link tracking strategies in a few weeks. Easily integrate with Adobe WorkFront, Marketo, and more.

Add Any Prefixes You Like: CID, EXTID, & More

Enjoy an out-of-the-box ability to choose any prefix for your Adobe Analytics tracking URLs without any downtime. Build URLs in your preferred platform.

Simplify Nomenclatures & User Journeys

Governance and rules take seconds to build. Our templates simplify URL architecture variations and minimize tracking URLs’ time to market.

Build A Solid Reporting Framework in No Time

Unlock fully automated Campaign metadata workflows with Marketo, WorkFront, and other Adobe platforms through our integration layer and save time.

Predictable, Reliable Adobe URL Formats

Empower users to enjoy predictable, friendly URL building experiences while using our pre-set templates and automation features.

Accurate Reports at Every Level

Enjoy 100% reliable reporting at the campaign, channel, tactic, and tactic components level. Leverage campaign and tactic IDs to shorten links and obfuscate tracking data from the public.

Complete Transparency and Accountability

Eliminate errors and receive appropriate communications when templates, governance rules or URLs change to monitor any changes and manage all your links with minimal effort.

Transition to an Automated Process in Minutes

Watch the Video to See How Even Complex Tags Can Be Added in Seconds

If you already have a tracking taxonomy in place, uploading your tags to CampaignTrackly can take mere seconds.

Drive Adoption with Our Friendly Tools

See How Our Templates Make it Easy to Tag Even Complex Campaigns

Campaign Templates replace the conditional login in your spreadsheet while making it easy for users to tag the right combination for the right campaign.

100% Accurate Adobe CID Links

Drive Consistent Marketing Insights Every Time

Manage CID links the smart way – use our templates to generate them error-free and leverage our smart auto-QA check to ensure your link is not broken and has the needed Adobe tracking components.

Maximize your ROI with These Great Features

Manage Advanced Team and Member Access with Ease

Easily manage multiple teams and their members by centralizing your process with a few clicks.

Easily Combine Meta Tags & Define Separators for Accurate Reporting

Minimize errors and fuel your teams’ productivity with easily configurable URL rules, Tag combination rules, & more.

Get Even the Most Complex Tags and Queries Built in Seconds

We give you alphanumeric, numeric, multi-value, hidden-value and other tags that can be set up in seconds.

Need a UTM/CID Hybrid Model?

That’s great. We can make it happen – from helping you convert your logic and taxonomies to dynamic templates, to creating custom link spreadsheets for near-instantaneous building of tracking links, to so much more

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