Everything You Need
to Build UTM Tags,
Manage Links, &
Save Time

A platform that makes your UTM tracking links, short links and spreadsheets for you. No manual work or code.

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36x faster
gain speed & accuracy vs manual UTM Builders, incl. Google Campaign URL Builder

easy to use
go from spreadsheets & manual UTM tag building to best-practice link tracking in a day

get users, tag libraries, URL shorteners, campaign logs, & reports in one place, 24×7


35+ Automation Features:

Incl. pre-saved tag combinations. Fully automated Tag Library with access level controls. Naming Conventions. Automated spreadsheets & more.

All Links in One Place

Standardized link tagging with no manual work for minimal errors. All links stored in one place and easy to find or archive.

Internal Campaigns:

Track all banners or buttons on your owned websites in seconds.

External Campaigns:

Track all your promotions on Social, Display, Partner, or Paid Media 3-rd Party Channels.

Super Fast:

Let our platform do the heavy lifting. Make UTM tracking links in one go: your UTM code, custom analytics tags, and short links get generated all at once.

 Very Simple:

No coding or manual work – easy user journey. For marketers by marketers. Free training & resources.

The One & Only Link Grabber:

No typing or pasting, no mess. Grab links from emails or websites, tag and promote!

Individual or Team plans:

Single users, small and large teams welcome! Flexible access levels.

Why Customers Choose Us


Build Best-practice Link Tracking Processes at the Fraction of the Cost with Our Automated UTM Tagging & Link Management Platform

Replace manual entry-driven UTM builders and effort-heavy tagging spreadsheets with an all-in-1 platform to ensure sustainable, consistent promotional link tracking. Pave the way for insights into customer behavior that improve marketing decisions and budget spend.

Faster user adoption rates due to our simple tracking link creation wizard and automation features including the web link auto-grabber or the UTM tag templates.

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Separating external & internal campaign creation & reports help segment marketing efforts and build analytics tracking URL best practices with a minimal learning curve.

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Integrations with Bitly, Short, Zapier, Google & Hootsuite enable multiple productivity features, incl. tagging and posting your Social schedule with a push of a button.

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WHY CampaignTrackly

  • Best cost-benefit ratios on the market
  • 40+ years combined marketing and data expertise.
  • Helping streamline reporting on marketing spend since 2013
  • Nimble and agile – new features every two-three weeks
  • Fully dedicated to our customers through our diehard support
  • Here to grow. Your success is our success.

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Use Case 1

Speed Up Your UTM Link Tagging Process by up to 500%

Tag 1, 10 or 100 links in seconds. Instantly add dozens of tags to as many marketing links you need in one go. Instead of processing a link at a time with spreadsheets or traditional URL builders, let our automated dashboard featuring a UTM link maker + flexible tag library + link shortener do the job for you. (Choose from our FREE home-grown shortener, Bitly, Short or Rebrandly).
 View 30-sec Demo

Use Case 2

Easily Scale up Tagging Ops

Start small and add more tags, team members or new teams as needed. Limit library, campaign or tag creation access with a push of the button. Standardize UTM tag use with our easy rules for formatting, naming conventions, and more. Prevent tagging errors across users through a few simple steps. Keep a log of who created specific links and more.

UTM_Channel Tag Library Google Campaigns

This Smart Tool Saves a Lot of, Tons of Time for Me

  • I use CampaignTrackly for our companies' campaigns as this smart tool saves a lot of, tons of time for me. No matter it is blog promotion, paid campaigns for lead and user generation or email marketing - I can always apply the correct UTM parameters in just few secs and as a result, see which channels perform the best! A most-have tool for data-driven, result oriented marketers!
    Viktor EgriViktor EgriHead of Product, Automizy

Get the Chrome extension and track even faster

Use Case 3

Speed + Accuracy + No Copy-pasting + Work in the Same Window = Our “Link Auto-grabber”

Our Chrome browser extension lets you capture single, multiple web URL links and all links in an email with a click, as it opens the tagging dashboard for you simultaneously. You can then select your tags, tag your links and use them in seconds. Highly efficient for email producers. Both your UTM tracking parameters and links are saved in the CampaignTrackly website, so you can edit, re-use, or export them on demand.
Get the Chrome Extension

Pull Campaign Reports with a Click of a Button.

Google Analytics Campaign reports  are presented in a friendlier way so you can pull the reports you need, when you need them. Uncover under-performing links in seconds. Save time with our friendly report explorer that shows you stats even on non-UTM custom tags.
See It in Action

Love the Integration with Google Analytics

  • This is excellent. I love the integration with Google Analytics, and it makes it easy for someone not used to tracking since it walks you through the steps and does all the tagging for you.
    Michelle P.Michelle P.Digital Marketing Manager, ARM

An effective campaign url builder provides quality tracking that improves sales

Actionable Insights At Your Finger Tips

In addition to removing the need to enter UTM code yourself, you no longer need to go to Google Analytics to see individual campaign reports. They are all in CampaignTrackly in a format easy to analyzie and review, so you can improve your marketing decisions.
Why Tracking Makes You Look Good

Watch Our Easy-Peasy Tracking URL Building App in Action.

See how you can add UTM code parameters – utm_campaign, utm_source,  utm_medium, and utm_content – to a link without typing codes and then promote it with a push of the button.

Much More than a URL Builder. Making Things Simpler, Easier.

  • After reviewing other tools in the market, I feel this one has a more user-friendly and easy to follow wizard-like UI, which makes the life of a marketer very easy. Best thing I like about CampaignTrackly is its ability to add and use custom channels, Geo parameters, and shorten the final URLs that even Google's URL builder doesn't do yet.
    Pardeep S.Pardeep S.Lead Analyst, Wipro

An All-in-one Link Builder and URL Shortener Fuels Productivity

CampaignTRackly offers smart, seamless, automated UTM tagging

Tag the Smart Way

Cut down on your UTM tagging time by 500%! Add in seconds as many channels, content & term UTM parameters as you need. Use, re-use, or delete them in one click. Need to bulk-tag? Your wish is our command!

Use bitly integration to shorten your long tracking URLs into neat short links

Shorten The Smart Way

Auto-connect with your Bit.Ly account in no time & get all your UTM links shortened automatically in one go as part of the URL building process. Need to bulk-shorten? You got it! No more manual workarounds needed!

Image shows monetization of analytics and tracking

Report the Smart Way

Auto-connect with Google Analytics – no code or tech. UTM tracking links are automatically saved in the reporting dashboard so you can see stats in nice & simple graphs. Campaign data is stored for as long as you need it.

Tracking + Productivity = Better Results, Faster

Analytics URL Builder Tool, Link Shortener & Campaign Performance Management Packed in Simple Tool that Fuels Productivity

  • UTM-based campaign tracking helps avoid under-reporting. It also delivers critical insights that enable you to optimize your marketing and drive faster growth.
  • Unfortunately, the process of building UTM-tagged URLs is not always easy to implement due to the high degree of manual work involved.

  • Luckily, with the degree of automation CampaignTrackly offers, getting performance insights is now easier and faster than ever.
  • You can dramatically expedite tracking and win back time so you can focus on what you do best: creating more lead generation value for your company.

The Easiest Way to Get Much Better Analytics Insights & Win Back Time

Campaign Tracking Automation at its Best

Measuring the campaign-level impact of your Social Media, Blog, Email, or any other channel shouldn’t be a hard and tedious process.

CampaignTrackly empowers you to create, shorten & use your campaign tracking URLs in no time, so your day can be much brighter!

It gives you the process & automation you need to win back valuable time and feel the joy of productivity while showing everyone you are doing such a great job.