Worried that inconsistent campaign tracking under-reports your work & erodes client trust?

Manage all your clients’ campaign URLs in one place. Set them free from unreliable link tagging & complicated UTM spreadsheets with the gift of self-service in our automated app. Save tons of time and drive reports that never lose track of campaign clicks & conversions.

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Transform Your Clients Into a Marketing Powerhouse

Never lose track of campaign clicks & conversions

Our best-in-class tracking process ensures that your clients’ traffic gets assigned properly – no more “unassigned” or “not set” traffic in your reports.

Quickly scale UTM link management across all clients

One account – many workspaces for each of your clients! Invite clients, bulk-assign permissions and templates – all in one place. Gain efficiencies in a few easy clicks.

No More Hopping Between Tools to Get the Info You Need

Find everything you need for setting up UTM campaign reporting, sending data, and accessing your clients’ marketing links and QR codes in one central place.

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Gain Transparency

Gain campaign performance transparency & confidently make data-driven decisions.

Enjoy Speed

Create campaign URLs with a click and share them in a speedy and effective way.

Achieve Accuracy

Ensure campaign data is accurate and your reports – reliable, every single time.

Drive Efficiency

Save plenty of work hours to invest more on strategizing & optimizing your campaigns.

Save a Ton of Time with Campaign Conventions

Automate Campaign Names

You and your clients can say good-bye to time-consuming, complicated Excel sheets and manual campaign name uploads to and from your marketing platforms.

Popular Features

  • One-click campaign name builder
  • Send campaign names to your preferred platform with a click
  • Automatically send & receive extra campaign info
  • Lock conventions with campaign name templates
  • Clone templates for super fast work
  • Import/Export Campaign Names with a click
Say Farewell to the Hassle of Manual Tagging

Build UTMs with a Click

With CampaignTrackly, you and your clients can generate your UTM links and convert them to short URLs and QR codes in one click – without leaving your preferred app.

Popular Features

  • Integrated Excel Add-in
  • Integrated Google Sheets Add-in
  • Browser extensions that let you grab & tag from any website
  • Tag Email links without leaving your platform
  • Convert URLs in UTM links without leaving SalesForce
  • Send UTM links to Hootsuite or Workfront with a click

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Automate and Simplify Campaign Tracking to Grow ROI & Client Trust

Use CampaignTrackly’s dedicated agency setup to easily manage multiple clients and their campaign links through self-service and outstanding support.

Safeguard tracking data integrity

Automate UTM Rules & Formatting

Stop worrying about campaign report quality issues and missing UTM parameters. We ensure your clients’ data uniformity by auto-managing link architecture formatting and quality as they tag their URLs.

Popular Features

  • One-click space formatting
  • One-click case formatting
  • One-click mandatory tags setup
  • One-click URL unique number generator
  • One-click exceptions
  • Automated link quality checks
Save Hundreds of Hours with Integrations

Boost Productivity with Workflows

With CampaignTrackly’s automated software, you and your clients can auto-send UTM parameters, generate links & short URLs, and exchange other campaign data with your preferred platforms with a click.

Popular Features

  • One-click GA4 Reports
  • 1-click send and receive Workfront data
  • 1-click send and receive SalesForce data
  • Fully automated UTM link generation
  • Pre-built workflows for data exchange between platforms
  • Fully automated campaign links exports/imports

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CampaignTrackly is the Complete Solution For Your Clients’ UTM Parameter & Link Needs, Offering the Best Cost/Benefit Ratio



$15-$22.99 per User


$20-$40 per User


$22-$60 per User
  • UTM Parameter Library
  • Custom Parameter Library
  • Advanced Custom Tags
  • Nesting Custom Tags
  • One-click UTM rules
  • UTM Tag Templates
  • One-click Taxonomies/ Conventions
  • Automated Cross-platform Workflows
  • Unlimited Projects/Campaigns
  • Bulk Operations
  • UTM Builder Automation
  • Automated In-Email Link Tagging
  • UTM Playbook Template
  • Page/Each UTM Campaign
  • Store/Restore Unlimited Links
  • Auto-shortening
  • Advanced Targeting & Pixels
  • Click Reports
  • Advanced single page reports
  • Unlimited QRCodes, 6 types
  • GA4 Integration
  • Automated Link Data Transfer
  • ExtendedFree Support
  • Weekly Email Summary
  • Flex Payment Arrangements
  • Multi-function API
  • AI-powered Excel Add-in
  • AI-powered Google Sheets Add-in
  • Auto-create UTM Links in SalesForce
  • Adobe CID or Google UTM
  • Dedicated Success & Support Team
  • Auto-create UTM Links in WorkFront
  • Custom Integrations on request
  • Advanced Field Mapping.
  • Advanced Campaign Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Teams/Workspaces
  • Granular Team Management
  • FREE Consultation Sessions
  • SSO
  • Free Custom Features

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