UTM Tracking Training

UTM Parameter Campaign Tracking Training

Digital Marketing Campaign Tracking: Best-In-Class Ways to Measure and Optimize

We are super excited to announce our new training and certification series that focuses on digital marketing campaign tracking and...

How to use UTM Source for Google Analytics

UTM Source: What is It & How to Use It

UTM Source is the second of five standard analytics tracking tags used to measure digital campaigns performance across paid and...

UTM Medium tracks in Google Analytics all your promotional digital channels

What is UTM Medium & How to Use It

In this tutorial we discuss UTM Medium – the primary parameter in your UTM link tracking. We cover how it...

Track videos in 5 easy steps in Google Analytics and use CampaignTrackly to tag your tracking links in seconds

Track Videos in Google Analytics 4 in 5 Easy Steps

In this blog, I will show you how to track your videos in Google Analytics 4, so you can measure...

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