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Step 3

Replace the demo tags with your own tags. We recommend the bulk-import function, which is easy and fast – for all your UTM and Custom tags! (90 min)

Step 4

Build your Tag Templates using our swift drag & drop function. Now try to build a link from the template! (15 min)

Step 5

Put your link formatting rules in place. If you require campaign conventions – drag and drop to build a convention and then – just clone to save time! (15 Min)

Take Advantage of These Extra Productivity Features

Build a Best-in-class Link Tracking Strategy for Laser-focused Reporting and Optimization

Custom Tags

Need alphanumeric, numeric and hidden-value tags? We have a solution for that.

Advanced Access

Need a large specter of permissions – from view-only to access to everything? We have a solution for that.


Need the to send and receive data into CampaignTrackly? We have a solution for that.

Custom Templates

Need templates to pre-set if-then tag combination conditions to eliminate tagging errors? We have a solution for that.

Everyone Needs Accurate Tracking Links

Bloggers, analytics specialists, email producers, and digital marketers need a light, sustainable process that opens doors to improved productivity and faster results – at scale. That’s why they use CampaignTrackly.

For Bloggers

Add multiple UTM_source tracking codes to your blog link to ensure you are tracking every single website where you will share your blog. Our Chrome/Edge extensions let you do that in seconds.

For Social Media Pros

Pushing large numbers of links to Hootsuite or dealing with heavy Facebook social loads? Use our bulk-connector to tag and push your social schedule to Hootsuite with a click or use dynamic Facebook values to generate tracking code for all campaigns.

For Campaign Managers

Dealing with complex spreadsheets every single time you have to launch a new campaign or add a new asset to an existing one? It doesn’t have to be that hard or time-consuming. That’s why you have us – we give you one place for all your tracking links and campaigns. You can add new links to an existing campaign at any time. Date started, date ended, custom aliases, asset protection via password, QR codes and co much more is at your fingertips to make your life easy and your data – accurate and insightful.

For Analytics Pros

They say that 60% of your time is spent on fixing bad data. Dealing with disparate data from every digital campaign and having to constantly re-do, edit and reconcile missing, incorrect or duplicate custom campaign performance stats? It doesn’t have to be that difficult. That’s why you have us – we help you standardize link format and ensure tag conventions are enforced consistently. When your stakeholders have a robust, reliable and well-defined tracking link strategy that scales across users and campaigns – you will love the data you are getting and will save time.

For Email Managers

Creating an effective email is hard enough – from dealing with copy, to reviews, to image editing and design, to putting in place the lists and workflows. Adding tracking code to email links doesn’t need to complicate the process even more. That’s why you have us – just add us to your browser (Edge or Chrome) and automate 90% or more of the tracking link building process. Life can be good.

For Agencies

Handling multiple customers for whom you need to provide dedicated link tracking environments? Separate client access, separate tag libraries, domains and links but one place to manage all that for your entire agency? That’s why you have us – just get an “Enterprise” account and request as many teams as you need. Every team is completely gated, yet you will have full access to everything. Most importantly – you will boost productivity and will provide high quality reporting for your clients.

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