Campaign URL Builder – Use & Benefits

A Campaign URL Builder is a tool that enables marketers to measure digital advertising spend.

Campaign URL Builder tools allow marketing production teams to add to digital links the tracking code snippets that will generate key insights about customer behavior and preferences.

These insights are then used to optimize digital engagement strategies and focus budgets on the business cases that have generated the highest ROI.

With digital advertising currently holding the largest share of the marketing budgets worldwide, campaign url builders that can process links at scale have become a must rather than a want.

A breakdown of marketing budget across channels illustrated the dominance of digital spending, with 72.2% of investment going to digital channels according to Gartner’s survey.

In this graph by Oberlo, you can see the worldwide projected growth of Digital Advertising Spend

Why do we need to create, govern and manage campaign URLs at scale?

1. Internet users represent over 60% of the world’s population

The reason for the need to create, govern and manage customized campaign URLs at scale is because unlike 10 years ago, today over 60% of the world’s population is using the Internet in their everyday lives.

To reach the right audiences at the right time, marketers create a large amount of promotional pages, emails, social posts and banners that are being used on a substantial number of 3rd party sites.

2. Businesses are gearing up for record-breaking digital investments

According to Ernst&Young, companies are making record-breaking investments in digital transformation in 2022.

Executives plan to allocate 5.8% of their revenues to digital as compared with 3.5% in the 2020 survey. To understand the significance of this increase, consider that for a company with $10b in revenues, 5.8% spending on digital would mean a bounce from $350m to $580m — an increase in spending of 65%.

Digital Investment Report, Ernst & Young

3. Everyone is under pressure to produce results and measure ROI

With everyone feeling the pressure to show results and improve ROI, campaign tracking has become an invaluable method for deriving accurate, consistent and reliable insights that enable marketers to drive quick decisions and increase sales, while keeping their budgets in check.

Challenges you solve with Campaign URL Builder Tools

1. Eliminate reporting issues that could affect budget spend

Building UTM Links for digital promotions is a multi-step process that is hard to standardize and integrate into the marketing workflow without the right tools. In result, most businesses don’t track consistently, which ends up compromising marketing performance.

For example: A marketing employee creates a spreadsheet to track links. That file is then shared among peers where everyone can go and create custom campaign links.

Without the right automated checks in place, this process is very duplicative, error-prone and counter-productive. A simple typo or mistake could cause incorrect campaign performance reporting that might result in wasted budgets and missed opportunities.

Using an automated Campaign URL building platform like CampaignTrackly lets marketers create a well organized and sustainable process that allows teams to incorporate everything from link planning & tagging, to sharing, to reporting in one place.

How our Campaign URL Builder helps eliminate reporting issues

1. CampaignTrackly lets you set up over 20 automated operational checks that prevent human error with a few clicks.

2. Our tool enables you to set up simple yet effective governance for creating, storing and using UTM parameters and custom tags that prevents errors and enforces uniformity across users and teams to ensure consistent reporting.

3. We also offer a number of automations that replace manual typing and copy-pasting to simplify the process and promote high adoption rates.

2. Eliminate bottlenecks that slow you down

Marketing campaigns have unique attributes – from link URLs, campaign timing, promotion and creative type, to targeted audiences and advertising platforms.

It is not simple to build a streamlined process when most of your attributes or the combination of attributes will be changing every single time.

Attention to detail and high degree of accuracy are required for this process to produce correct data and reliable results, yet it is so cumbersome and error-prone that it ends up being time consuming and low on ROI.

How we help eliminate bottlenecks

1. CampaignTrackly allows marketers to prepare their tracking links 36 times faster.

2. Our platform offers pre-set tag combinations that fully eliminate the need for users to remember which tags they have to use each time

3. If teams need to add new links to the same campaign – our tool does the heavy lifting from grabbing the link, to tagging it, to shortening the long and complicated URL to a simple short link.

4. In addition, we let marketers add all sorts of targeting to their newly minted links – by geography, device, platform, and we allow links to be protected with a password or created for a short period of time only.

All of these feature save a significant amount of time, drive fast and accurate results and support effectively highly productive teams.

3. Follow a set of easy steps to build a solid link tracking strategy for your campaigns in no time

We offer a myriad of onboarding tools and training to help you maximize the ROI on your campaign url building tool and give you 7 simple steps to build and manage your process in a sustainable and effective way. Our objective for you:

  • Don’t let links fall through the cracks
  • Uncover underperforming campaigns fast
  • Instantly see what is gaining traction or needs your involvement to optimize performance
Looking for a way to generate error-free and reliable insights for your digital campaigns? Build a solid tracking link strategy with us.