Marketing KPIs & Metrics

CampaignTrackly v7.0 Google Analytics Reports, Custom Dimensions, Archiving & More

CampaignTracy v7.0: Campaign Archive, Custom Dimensions, Direct-sourced Google Analytics Reports

HOT Update: v7.1 is coming ahead of time first week of December: We are adding a search functionality to Existing...

CampaignTrackly v6.0 Major Tagging New Functionality and Updates (2)

CampaignTrackly v6.0 – Adobe Nomenclatures, Rebrandly, More NEW Features

We are pleased to inform customers and users that the following features are available immediately for use on our CampaignTrackly...

New Features: UTM Tag Pagination-Favorites-Click-Drag

What’s New: UTM Tag Pagination, Search & Favorites. It’s All About Fast & Easy!

We are excited to share with our current and prospective customers that we have added a host of new productivity...

UTM Link Builder for Hootsuite Tags & Schedules

UTM Builder Tags Links and Bulk-schedules Messages in Hootsuite

Multi-tasking UTM Builder App Tags and Shortens the URLs of Social Messages, Then Bulk-schedules Them in Hootsuite with a Press of a Button....

Automated UTM Link Maker with Short Links Builder

Automated UTM Link Maker with Short Links Builder

Automated UTM Tag and Link Builder Shortens Links via and In this blog I will discuss how to...

We have adding major multiple link tagging automation for UTMs and custom tags

CampaignTrackly v2.0 – Major Tag Logic Upgrade, Bug Fixes and New Features

We are pleased to announce that CampaignTrackly has gone through a major overhaul, where, with v2.0 we have fixed a...

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