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Super Easy QR Code Maker

Easy QR Code Creator: Increase Traffic, Boost Engagements and Fuel Insights

Easily generate QR codes across all your channels. Centralize UTM link and QR code tracking in one place to save on resources, improve reporting and gain a better understanding of your customer.

Getting Started with our QR Code Builder is as Easy as One-Two-Three

Step 1

Step 1

Create a Free Trial Account available for 21 days

Step 2

Activate your QR Code Builder ( Go to Integrations>Shorteners)

Step Three

Select Ctrly.io as your default shortener – all set!

QR Code Options

QR Codes for Email

Easily enable users to scan a QR code to email you directly.

QR Codes for Documents

Add QR codes for PDFs, Print documents, Flyers, Business cards and more.

QR Code for Websites

Add QR codes of your choice and color to any website link.

SMS, Events, Apps & More

Add QR codes to Apps, SMS, Bitcoin, V Cards, and so much more!

Generate QR Codes with a click for emails, links, whatsup, facebook and more

Features That Let You Do More & Save Time

13 QR Code Types

All your QR code generation needs will be met with our rich variety of options, combined with our UTM link builder.

Static & Dynamic

We give you the option to edit the text or URLs behind your QR codes after your code has been created.

Multiple Download Files

Edit the size of your file and download your code as SVG, PNG, WebP, or PDF.

All QR Codes in One Place

Easy-to-navigate library enables you to create, find, edit or delete them in seconds.

How QR Code Use Drives Traffic, Engagement, and Better Reports

Let Customers Email You with a QR Scan

Empower everyone to connect with you directly and build great relationships fast.

Enable your customers to reach out directly to you

We give you the option to provide your email address, a subject line and even pre-populate an email message to make it super easy for your customers to connect with you without the need to type or paste.

From Print to Web with a QR Scan

Instantly redirect customers to resources they need on your website or applications.

Facilitate and track the customer journey across channels and devices

With our platform, you can make it easy for your customers to navigate between your channels, from a printed leaflet to your website or a video resource on it with just a quick QR scan.

Drive More Registrations

Make it easy and accessible for customers or prospects to attend your events, find your app, respond to your SMS and more.

Drive significant engagement and ROI

Because they make it super easy for your customers to interact with you, QR codes have become one of the most widely spread mechanism of engaging users. And the best part – you can easily track how well your campaigns connect and convert by combining our QR code tools with our UTM builders.

Streamline Reporting

Our QR Code builder integrates seamlessly with our award-winning UTM building functions to optimize your reports

Easily showcase your ROI through accurate reporting

Our platform enables you to do everything in one place – from connecting to a short vanity domain, to building UTM links that automatically generate QR codes, to tracking almost every asset – whether it’s used online or off-line – for centralized reporting.

Our Platform Can Give You So Much More

Wondering how to make a QR code? Read more here.