About us


Our mission is to help you make better marketing decisions by enabling you to drive higher quality data into your analytics tracking program in a productive and cost-effective way.

“Analytics and reporting is an integral part to delivering successful marketing campaigns and I know first-hand how stressful and inefficient manual UTM tagging and URL shortening can be. The CampainTrackly app brings together marketing and software automation to provide a simple, cost-effective way to track and monitor the success of campaigns.”

  1. Why us – benefits and roadmap

  2. Our Team


Why Us

Whether you are an absolute beginner in digital performance tracking or an advanced digital marketer, CampaignTrackly can help automate your tracking processes, so that you can:

  • minimize the time needed to prepare your analytics tracking links and
  • focus more on generating business for your company.

Watch this 30-second video to see how you can make better decisions and save time with CampaignTrackly:

Why with CampaignTrackly You Will Never Under-report Your Hard Work

  • With CampaignTrackly, you can make your Analytics Tool smarter with just a few clicks,
  • You can eliminate error-prone typing thanks to our tagging pre-set libraries and Chrome extension,
  • Because it has the ability to pre-save all your custom and standard UTM codes, CampaignTrackly prevents accidental use of duplicate or incorrect UTM parameters and has a very positive effect on your reporting bottom line.

automated tagging templates eliminates manual work in URL builder link managing and tagging

  • You will find that it is extremely easy to integrate CampaignTrackly in everything you do – because our Chrome extension is right in front of your eyes you always remember to tag and track everything and never miss a link!

automated url builder auto-captures links, web address, parameters

  • Even bulk processing is done quickly thanks to CampaignTrackly’s ability to handle 1, 10 or 100 tracking links in one go!
  • You can store all your campaigns for as long as you want and always go back to review their performance or re-use the tracking links.


CampaignTrackly is a SAAS (Software as a Service) that constantly evolves to meet your growing campaign ops management needs

We are now at CampaignTrackly v3.0 and will continue to add new features for our users – we have an exciting great product roadmap in store! Get in touch with us if you have specific feature requests or questions – always happy to chat, brainstorm or hear suggestions!


Our Team

The CampaignTrackly team is fully distributed – we live in different cities and countries. We work together in a virtual environment that enables us to get the best of both worlds – work from our homes and have a fulfilling job that makes us happy.

Our Transformational Advisory Board

Dr. Alexander Mitov, PhD
Cambridge University Lecturer & Emanuel College Fellow
Board Member & Founding Partner

Dr. Mitov, co-founder, and owner is a theoretical physicist, working on precision phenomenology applied to all high-energy particle colliders, especially the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). He is a STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow and European Research Council ERC Consolidator Grant recipient.

Drs Zeljka Davis-Vorih
Managing Partner, EMG Group
Board Member

Drs Davis-Vorih is a strategist with more than 15 years of experience with stock-listed companies in structuring teams at various levels and development of CSR positioning concepts. Experienced in: reputation management, social performance, sustainability and corporate positioning, responsible business communications strategies, community relations and stakeholder management.

Adrienne Zimoulis
Adrienne Zimoulis
Marketing Communications Manager, Honeywell
Board Member

Accomplished professional with experience in developing internal/external communications, managing business relationships, and interacting with media and placing articles. Particular expertise in developing and implementing new ideas and strategies, written skills, creating press releases and key messaging, as well as communicating effectively at all levels.

Milena Mitova
Marketing Director, Leafwire Digital
Board Member & Founding Partner

Dynamic, commercially astute senior marketing professional with global expertise and proven track record in sales revenues, go-to-market strategies and market growth across B2B. Technologist. Blogger. Marketing Automation expert. Celebrating over 15 years of impactful results: 256 digital marketing projects, 15 certifications, 6 awards.