Unlock Your Excel URL Builder Mastery – Live Streaming Guide


Watch the recording of our live-stream event showing you how to supercharge your Excel URL Builder mastery with our latest Excel Add-in + Chat GPT addition.

Our novel Excel-powered URL builder is a valuable productivity add-in for any marketer looking to quickly and easily create UTM links for their campaigns.

It streamlines the URL tagging process by connecting your pre-saved templates to any Excel spreadsheet with a click for easy link tagging and tracking.

Watch the Video to Find Out:

  • How to use CampaignTrackly’s Templates and Tag Libraries to power up your Excel URL link tagging in seconds
  • How flexible our tools is – preserving all your columns while letting you add new tags and conveniently shortening all your links in one go
  • How simple it is to ensure all your UTM parameters are uniform and consistent
  • How to tag with a click without the need to leave your MS Office environment
  • How to have fun with Chat GPT while you are at it

You can now instantly add our Excel Add-in to any spreadsheet using Microsoft’s app marketplace – no need to download any files from us any more.

Where to Get the Excel Spreadsheet URL Builder

It is easily accessible using your Add-in Excel menu and is readily available to all CampaignTrackly paid customers.

Build UTM links easier than ever with our Excel URL Builder Add-in

How Easy It Is To Use It

The learning curve is minimal, while your productivity, and most importantly – the quality of your reporting isights is at its maximum. But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself.

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