Adobe WorkFront + CampaignTrackly: The Ultimate Integration


Adobe WorkFront + CampaignTrackly Out-of-the-box Integration Saves Time, Power-up Productivity, Scale Efforts and Eliminate Manual Work

The Adobe WorkFront + CampaignTrackly integration maximizes the effectiveness of your marketing insights, while streamlining your campaign URL tracking efficiency and productivity.

Easily ensure consistent link tagging and maximize the power of your analytics. Build error-free tracking links using our templates.

Use Our Adobe WorkFront Integration to Score Significant Performance Wins In Campaign Tagging Management

CampaignTrackly’s integration layer makes the integration with WorkFront as easy as 1-2-3. No development downtimes or investment in developer hours needed.

  • The experience we offer is for the business users and the most difficult work that you will do it to drag and drop.
  • No codes, no manual typing and no need to memorize steps or processes is required!

As an approved Silver partner of Adobe, our solution has been tested by a number of enterprise users who leverage our full automation powers for a hands-free creation and management of campaign tagging and tracking.

WorkFront Integration with CampaignTrackly - We Are Adobe Silver Partner

How Does the WorkFront Integration Work

As long as your team has created in your company’s WorkFront instance an API key, all you need is to do is go to CampaignTrackly’s Integrations page, login to your account and connect the two platforms with a click. That’s all it takes!

From there, we offer a number of workflows that ensure a completely automated tagging of your campaign Destination URLs.

Custom workflows are welcome – we can build them for you in a manner of days. Expect to be fully operational in up to 3 weeks or less!

And the best part? Zero development time!

Seamless one-click WorkFront integration between CampaignTrackly and Adobe WorkFront

Additional Benefits to the WorkFront + CampaignTrackly Integration

  • We perform a variety of automated checks to eliminate URL duplication, mis-spelled meta data or missing data
  • We track your processes for complete accountability and ensure 100% accuracy of your tracking metadata
  • Your Taxonomy and Governance are easy to achieve with our tool – at super short production times and costs!

Craft an Unbeatable Campaign Tagging & Tracking Process In 5 Simple Steps

See how easy it is to build a consistent, error-free reporting process

Why the WorkFront+ CampaignTrackly Integration Makes You a Winner

  • Preset integration layer: Seamlessly integrate the best-in-class URL tagging platform CampaignTrackly with Adobe Workfront in a manner of minutes.
  • Preset integration workflows: We don’t just let you map a dimension with another dimension. We can execute even the most complicated workflows, even across platforms, including the likes of SalesForce, Marketo, and more – in minutes!
  • CampaignTrackly and WorkFront can be integrated instantly with the help of our one-click API connector without any code – just a friendly click-and-add required.
  • Send campaign information to CampaignTrackly and start your URL tagging process right away – no learning curve or complexities are needed.
Adobe WorkFront Campaign Tagging Integration with CampaignTrackly

How You Use It Daily

  • Users do not need to come into the CampaignTrackly platform at all.
  • As long as they have been added and authenticated by your admin or admins, they never have to leave their WorkFront environment.
  • They select a few values and paste a few URLs in the WorkFront cards.
  • CampaignTrackly takes care of the rest – and returns valid, tested, error-validated tagged destination URLs back to your platform. In minutes.

What You Get Out of The WorkFront+CampaignTrackly Integration

  • Super high adoption rates – no one loves menial, boring work. That’s why our users are happy!
  • Extremely high productivity – what took hours to do is now achieved in minutes
  • A lot of time saved – your users can now spend their valuable time on other, more critical tasks
  • Great cost-benefit ratios – for the time and commitment spent you gain economies of scale, triple your data accuracy and your reporting becomes a breeze.

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