Supercharge Your UTM Builder Spreadsheet: The Excel Add-in You Need


UTM Builder Spreadsheet On Steroids: Bring the Easiest, Formula-free Link Tagging to Your Excel

  • Your Excel spreadsheet will be simpler than ever
  • No need to worry about formulas or typos
  • All your results conveniently show in a new sheet – preserving your original spreadsheet intact
  • Automatically add or replace new content and talk to ChatGPT without the need to create an account

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People using Excel worldwide
Professionals state they have at least 2 workbooks open at a time
Companies in US alone use the Google product daily
The Hidden Costs of Managing UTM Links with Spreadsheets

Businesses Lose 12 Work Days or More on Manual, Tedious Excel Work When It Comes to Tracking.

The Real Costs Come from the Errors that Never Seem to Stop.

Almost 90% of Excel Spreadsheets Have Errors

Despite all of the upgrades and new features, spreadsheets have no guardrails that protect against human error. According to Gartner, businesses waste 21% of marketing budgets due to bad data.

Simple Cut & Paste Errors Cost Companies $$$$$

That spreadsheets are a challenge when it comes to data quality is not news. “A cut and paste error cost TransAlta $24 million. Another cut and paste error cost JP Morgan $6 billion when a Value at Risk model was miscalculated.”

It Seems That Not Much Can Be Done To Stave Off Errors

Spreadsheets lack the guardrails needed to eliminate errors. Mechanical, logical and omission-based errors seem to make it hard to error-proof your work, no matter how hard you try. And may impact negatively employee motivation and morale.

Make the Errors Go Away with Our Excel Add-In

Revolutionize the Way You Tag & Shorten Campaign URLs Without Leaving Excel

  • Easily ensure consistent link tagging and maximize the power of your analytics.
  • Build error-free UTM tracking links with a click using templates
  • Get long and short links plus QR codes in one go without leaving Excel
  • Prevent broken URLs and get fun chats with ChatGPT

Work Without Interruptions

No need leave your app to go to another page to start tagging and shortening links. Do it all with one click from Excel.

Keep All Links in One Place

All the links you make are auto-stored in our website app – organized by campaign name and easy to export.

Get Reports You Can Trust

Automated tagging rules eliminate dupes, typos, and errors. Templates prevent missing tags.

Why manual UTM Spreadsheets Are Holding You Back

The Pitfalls of Using Spreadsheets
for UTM Marketing Links

Spreadsheets are an omni-present tool in our daily business operations, whether we like them or not.

Despite their usefulness in simplifying our lives, they still have some limitations, such as the inability of multiple users to collaborate worry-free on an Excel file without the risk of losing all their work.

Or the missing option to automatically enforce out-of-the-box checks for things like URL health, tag standardization, formula accuracy, and more.

Additionally, tasks such as creating trackable marketing links can be very time-consuming due to the use of finicky formulas and excessive clicking, pasting, and typing.

And versioning? Let’s face it – management of spreadsheets becomes so much more complicated the moment they get shared with more users – as it can result in mistakes, wasted time, inaccurate data or broken links.

It’s Time to Get a Better Solution than a Manual Spreadsheet

Streamline Your Tracking Link Building Process and Boost Productivity

CampaignTrackly provides you with complete flexibility in utilizing your spreadsheets for UTM link building.

You can stick to your preferred Excel or Google Sheet lane without the need to learn new routines – with the help of our API.

Our special Excel add-in lets you easily build your links without the need to interrupt your workflow or even visit our site.

All you need is to set up a tag library and templates on Campaigntrackly’s app.

Thereafter, you don’t ever have to come to our site to tag links. All is done on your excel spreadsheet! Yet all company tracking info is kept in one central repository on our website and can be automatically shared with your analytics team or platforms of choice on a regular basis – with a few clicks.

Using our platform you get a quick and straightforward method to generate your UTM tracking links with just one click.

And of course, you are always welcome on our platform!

4 Great Reasons to Use CampaignTrackly To Automate Tracking Link Creation

Reason # 1

65+ automation features save time, eliminate data errors, and drive high adoption rates

Reason #2

3-week innovative features and improvements cycle which drives better user experiences

Reason #3

The top link tracking expertise in the market combined with automation platform core strengths that let you build a best-in-class tracking and reporting framework that drives ROI and lets you be in control of your marketing budget.

Reason #4

100% customer dedication gives you: friendly and timely support, guaranteed security of your data and processes, full connectivity to your upstream and downstream applications for an effective end-to-end process with minimal manual work.

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