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All-in-one Campaign Metadata Builder + URL Shortener + QR Code Maker

Simplify Marketing Reporting. Unlock Higher MROI.

  • One-click integration layer saves hundreds of hours, eliminates manual work and human error.
  • Build campaign URLs in SalesForce, Excel, WorkFront & more with a click.

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Top-rated URL UTM Builder drives accurate insights


Save hundreds of hours automating campaign URL builder and UTM creation activities. Plus eliminate errors.


Use it daily from your preferred app and experience the power of automation – no manual work or learning curves.


Effortless accuracy through automated governance, user management, UTMs, conventions, meta data and tags.

Boost Productivity. Save a Ton of Time.

Configure and roll out fast – easily tailor user experiences and team permissions and set up a solid tracking governance, while saving a ton of time.

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Enterprise-ready URL builder for teams

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Accelerate Success with a Campaign URL Builder Solution That Has Everything You Need:

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Automated Rules and Tagging

Safeguard data integrity with automated tag and link formatting, de-duping and mandatory requirements checks.

Build UTM links directly from our app, Excel, Chrome, Edge, Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp, SalesForce,  Hootsuite & more.

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Powerful UTM & Custom Tags

Bulk-upload, add manually, or consume/send tags automatically from your CRM. Combine in templates or share to teams with a click.

Unlimited UTM, Alphanumeric, Numeric, Multi-value, Hidden-value, Unique Id-generator, & Dependent Tags.

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Fully Automated Workflows

Save hundreds of hours & eliminate manual hand offs with our real-time cross-platform automated workflows fueled by one-click integrations.

Connect with Salesforce, HubSpot, Workfront & more to send campaign data, conventions, & URLs.

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One-click Campaign Conventions

Campaign name creation can be simple & easy. Simply drag & drop to build, clone and send campaign data to your preferred CRM or project app.

Eliminate delays, wait times and manual data handling. Drive consistent data & save a ton of time.

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URL Shortener & QR Codes

Your UTM tracking links are created auto-shortened and QR-code-ready. You can then easily add aliases, geo-targeting, password, expiration, QR code of any size & more.

All your short links and QR codes in one place. Get the easiest link management and governance.

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Need to Build UTMs, Add Custom Tags, Create Single or Multiple Tracking Links and Save Time? We’ve Got It All. Easy-Peasy & Simple.

We help marketing teams convert at scale their campaign URLs into accurate tracking links to deliver actionable insights and help improve ROI. Ranked by Source Forge – the leading discovery and rating platform – as Top performers in Link Tracking Software.

A UTM Link Builder Platform that Gives You More

For Marketing Pros

  • Complete history of all tracking links
  • Easy onboarding: emails, quizzes, & blogs
  • No code or manual work= high adoption
  • One-click required tags & rules
  • One-click import-export of tags and links
  • One-click or drag-and-drop tagging
  • One-click error-proof guardrails
  • Custom features to meet your needs

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For Strategy & Insight Pros

  • Eliminate dupes and missing insights
  • Gain confidence in your data
  • Get consistent, comparable reporting
  • Easily build a taxonomy that meets goals
  • Get creative: more tags = more insights
  • Easily share data through integrations
  • Easily build an insights-first culture
  • Easily prove tracking link ROI

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For Leadership

  • The top cost-benefit ratios on the market
  • Easy platform deployment and launch
  • 100% reliability, customer-first approach
  • Dedicated support, 99.99% uptime
  • Best-in-class, secure data setup
  • Low learning curve, simple onboarding
  • High adoption rates facilitate tool ROI
  • Consistent data quality & insights

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What Sets Us Apart

Unbelievable ROI

We save you countless hours in manual work, help remove all obstacles to your success and offer the best prices in the market.

Top Customer Support

Our customer service process is designed for high quality, 100% dedication to your needs and a personalized approach to support.

First to Market

As a boutique player, we specialize in innovations, so you get to experience the latest and greatest innovations in the field with us.

Great Know-How

Be in the know with our live streams, blogs and emails sharing the latest in the data, insights and analytics.

Use Case 1

Save Tons of Time on Campaign Data Management

A large advertising agency was managing multiple disparate campaign conventions & UTM builder spreadsheets for each of their clients. Navigating through these sheets and manually copy-pasting info costed them hundreds of hours each year.
We gave them one central place where they now have dedicated workspaces for each client and seamlessly set up campaign conventions, tag templates, GA4 reporting views and a fully automated way to send campaign data to their clients’ downstream applications. See how we can save you hundreds of hours.

Use Case 2

Boost Productivity & Accuracy with Fully Automated Workflows

A large services customer was experiencing delays and data errors while managing their campaign conventions and UTM link building activities via multiple spreadsheets, featuring heavy formulas and significant copy-pasting.
We empowered them to use our Excel Add-in, combined with automated tag templates and CRM integration, letting users scale the UTM process by saying good-bye to manual workflows and driving accurate reporting UTMs without leaving their familiar spreadsheet environment.



3,000+ B2B Subscribers



1B+ Trackable Links Made




90+ New Features since 2020



140+ Customer Resources


Use Case 3

Build Campaign URLs Without Leaving Your App

We come to your users – to minimize tech overload and constant interruptions. Your team can seamlessly produce campaign tracking data without leaving their preferred app.
A solid marketing organization leverages our UTM Builder extension to increase significantly their email ops efficiency and data accuracy because our Email extension automatically grabs, tags and replaces the original links with tracking ones with a single click.

Use Case 4

Pull Campaign Reports with a Click of a Button.

Streamline access to insights by viewing Google Analytics Campaign reports right into your campaign’s dedicated page. Get a “one-click” view of top-level and granular data augmented with extra insights from our homegrown link shortener.
Uncover under-performing links in seconds. Save time with our friendly report explorer that shows you stats even on non-UTM custom tags.

Tracking + Productivity = Better Results, Faster

Analytics URL Builder Tool, Link Shortener & Campaign Performance Management Packed in a Single Tool that Fuels Productivity

  • UTM-based campaign tracking helps avoid under-reporting. It also delivers critical insights that enable you to optimize your marketing and drive faster growth.
  • Unfortunately, the process of building UTM-tagged URLs is not always easy to implement due to the high degree of manual work involved.

  • Luckily, with the degree of automation CampaignTrackly offers, getting performance insights is now easier and faster than ever.
  • You can dramatically expedite tracking and win back time so you can focus on what you do best: creating more lead generation value for your company.

Use Case 5

Automate Your Entire UTM Building Workflow with a Click

A great tech organization builds their UTM links completely automatically, safeguarding the quality of their data and fueling their productivity by using our fully automated workflows.
A user creates a campaign in SalesForce and gets their campaign conventions auto-generated in CampaignTrackly, along with the UTM tracking links that go with that campaign. Everything is done in minites and the user gets email notification with the vital campaign info included, so they can take the next steps in the process with confidence in their data.

This Smart Tool Saves a Lot of, Tons of Time for Me

  • I use CampaignTrackly for our companies' campaigns as this smart tool saves a lot of, tons of time for me. No matter it is blog promotion, paid campaigns for lead and user generation or email marketing - I can always apply the correct UTM parameters in just few secs and as a result, see which channels perform the best! A most-have tool for data-driven, result oriented marketers!
    Viktor EgriViktor EgriHead of Product, Automizy

Tag the Smart Way

Cut down on your UTM tagging time by 500%! Add in seconds as many channels, content & term UTM parameters as you need. Use, re-use, or delete them in one click. Need to bulk-tag? Your wish is our command!

Shorten The Smart Way

Auto-connect with your Bit.Ly account in no time & get all your UTM links shortened automatically in one go as part of the URL building process. Need to bulk-shorten? You got it! No more manual workarounds needed!

Report the Smart Way

Auto-connect with Google Analytics – no code or tech. UTM tracking links are automatically saved in the reporting dashboard so you can see stats in nice & simple graphs. Campaign data is stored for as long as you need it.

Love the Integration with Google Analytics

  • This is excellent. I love the integration with Google Analytics, and it makes it easy for someone not used to tracking since it walks you through the steps and does all the tagging for you.
    Michelle P.Michelle P.Digital Marketing Manager, ARM

Why We Can Be Your Best Partner

  • FLEXIBILITY: The only platform that has flexible UTM Builder wizards that meet every need.
  • TRUST: Microsoft Approved Partner. Adobe Silver partner. Partnering with AWS, Auth0, Paragon, and Google Cloud to drive best-in-class solutions.
  • SECURITY: AWS secure infrastructure. SOC2, ISO27001, PCI compliant.
  • PROCESS: We give you enhanced process automation and connectivity to eliminate bad data and ineffective marketing decisions.
  • DEDICATION: Your success is our success. So we are motivated to work hard for you, always!

Much More than a URL Builder. Making Things Simpler, Easier.

  • After reviewing other tools in the market, I feel this one has a more user-friendly and easy to follow wizard-like UI, which makes the life of a marketer very easy. Best thing I like about CampaignTrackly is its ability to add and use custom channels, Geo parameters, and shorten the final URLs that even Google's URL builder doesn't do yet.
    Pardeep S.Pardeep S.Lead Analyst, Wipro

Best-in-Class Campaign Tracking Automation

Marketers today promote thousands of digital links across multiple channels and places. They need to be able to track their efforts in a scalable and effective way. Measuring the campaign-level impact at the brand, vendor, channel, placement, and asset level needs to be well orchestrated and governed to ensure data accuracy drives optimal budget and engagement decisions.

Getting timely insights on the spend and impact of a Social Media, Email, or any other channel shouldn’t be a convoluted and tedious process.

CampaignTrackly empowers you to build a consistent link tracking execution process to streamline your analytics tracking and reporting.

Enjoy High Adoption Rates Thanks to Our “No-code” UTM Code Automation Features & Integrations

With us, you can easily add unlimited custom tags, as well as utm_campaign, utm_source,  utm_medium, and utm_content parameters – to a link, without having to remember codes or wasting time.

We give you the flexibility & automation power you need to win back valuable time while driving consistency and improving marketing decisions via a well-governed and sustainable, “insights-first” approach to marketing.