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utm link builder features


01. Faster Adoption

Make your team happy: help them avoid manual repetitive tasks so they can swap fragmented tagging with a best-in-class, consistent campaign tracking.

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02. Streamlined Ops

Eliminate duplicate efforts, minimize errors, let your team access the UTM resources they need when they need them to ensure your data is never missing or broken.

03. Productivity Boost

Automated processes reduce greatly the number of touch points in campaign URL management. Operational & resource costs go down. Production times are halved.

04. Better Budget Spend

Consistent & accurate campaign URLs generate clear, accurate and actionable insights, improving marketing decisions and generating higher ROI.

ONLY with Us: Fuel Productivity with Our Fully Automated Platform-to-Platform Workflows:



So many platforms out there connect with SalesForce – but how many give you fully integrated workflows that send, process, and return data to completely automate your campaign URL work with zero manual effort and no programming?



Integrate CampaignTrackly with HubSpot both ways enjoying fully automated platform-to-platform workflows that do not require any developer or IT team – letting you launch real-time integrations with a click!



Build Campaign URLs and short links with a click directly form your WorkFront environment – save on time and ensure 100% data accuracy without spending money on complex integrations and developer time!

More Platforms

More Platforms

Leverage our pre-set fully automated workflows with Google sheets, Excel, Marketo, Slack and more to fuel productivity, move data in real time and safeguard reporting accuracy with a click!

ONLY with Us: Build Campaign URLs Automatically Directly from your Email Environment



Just right click inside the email that you are building to grab all the URLs in your editor/HTML, add tracking UTMs to them with a click and let us automatically place your new UTM links with zero extra effort!



Yes, you can build UTM links that feature both standard and custom tags in seconds – without leaving Hubspot. Right-click, grab links, tag them – and you’re done! Save a ton of time and simplify your life!



Automate the way you build UTM tracking links without leaving your MailChimp platform – just right-click and go! Minimal learning, absolute convenience. What’s not to like? Try it now!

More Email ESPs

More Email ESPs

Not seeing your favorite ESP? Drop us a line and we will set you up within days – and for FREE! Who wouldn’t want to replace multiple back and forths with a streamlined one-click tagging process?

Only with Us – Work Without Leaving Your Excel or Google Sheet!

Leverage our advanced integration with your Excel and Google Sheet empowering users to build reliable, error-free UTM links without the need to handle formula-heavy spreadsheets or type manually tags.

And no. it’s not complicated! Just open any Excel, add our Excel add-in with a click, type your campaign and URL and click to generate your UTMs. It’s THAT easy!

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Day-to-day Operations Benefits: Reduce Number of Touch Points, Improve Accuracy & Save on Time & Resources

Simplify Tagging with Link Grabber

Grab any link – on any web page, while building an email, or inside a PDF – with a single click action. Your tagging dashboard opens instantly to let you tag.

Benefits: Eliminate typing, pasting, having to go to our site or navigate between multiple websites. (Chrome Extension required)

Process Multiple Links in One Go

Need to process more than one link? Our bulk-import function works right in your tagging dashboard – with both our single-link or multiple-link options.

Benefits: Upload file from your computer in seconds. Eliminate typing, copying, pasting or the need to navigate between applications or sites.

Save Time with Campaign Templates

Build unlimited Campaign Tracking Templates using our simple template wizard. It takes seconds to build your templates and make them available to you and your team.

Benefits: Automatically standardize campaign tracking data. The process is no longer error-prone and person-dependent.

Memorizing or Entering Tags Every Time? No More

Drag-and-drop or check-list tags from your library in your tagging dashboard. Our tag generator and tracking link builder will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Benefits: Eliminate the guesswork and manual work, ensure standardized tag use.


Hopping Between Tools to Shorten Links? No More

Use our Ctrly.io shortener for FREE or connect with your Bitly, Rebrandly or Short accounts with a click. All your links will be auto-shortened, no extra steps.

Benefits: Save time & eliminate multiple touch points in your tagging process.


Juggling Files & Places to Manage Links? No More

Use One platform to store and access all our tracking links, nicely organized and easy to search by date of creation, keyword, alphabetically, and more.

Benefits: All your links in one centralized place – available to export, share and store.


Not Convinced Yet?

Check out the blogs below to view a few screengrabs and animations showing you how CampaignTrackly creates value
Workfront Integration - Automate your Workflows for error-free campaign conventions and taxonomies

Adobe WorkFront + CampaignTrackly: The Ultimate Integration

Adobe WorkFront + CampaignTrackly Out-of-the-box Integration Saves Time, Power-up Productivity, Scale Efforts and Eliminate Manual Work The Adobe WorkFront +...

Advanced Features That Are Easy to Set up and Use

UTM Tag Library

We standardize your tags and store them for future use to avoid mis-spellings, broken naming conventions or tracking confusion. Tags instantly become available to use on your tracking link building dashboards.

Custom Tag Library

Leverage our tool’s ability to pre-save a large library of any type custom tags, including CID, IAD, unique ID, hidden value, and more to drive granular reports and boost your productivity.

Tag Templates

Have repeating campaigns that use the same combinations of medium, content, term, source and custom UTM values? Users can save even more time with pre-set tag values combined and saved as Tag Templates.

We Auto-Format Your Tags

Achieve consistent tag formatting with zero manual effort. Select lowercase or sentence case, as well as underscores or hyphens for your tag naming conventions. We make sure there are no broken links and no tag discrepancies.


Bulk-upload Your Tags

Use our easy upload function to add all your tags into the platform before you or your team starts tagging to ensure everyone is using standardized tags. No idea how to build your tags? No worries – we have pre-populated a few so you can get started faster.

Add New Tags While You Tag

We recommend pre-defining all your tags in Settings, but sometimes a user needs to add a new tag while they are tagging the links in the dashboard. We will make sure that all the right formatting is kept in place and all new tags are safely added in Settings for consistency.

One-Click Social Sharing for Buffer, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Share tagged links on Buffer

Once your tracking links are generated, you can instantly share each individual link on Buffer to save time (Requires that user has a Buffer account).

Publish to Twitter or LinkedIn

Click on our user-friendly icons available next to each newly generated tagged link and instantly push your content to Twitter or LinkedIn.

Publish to Facebook with a Click

Facebook instant publishing is one more option that can save you time and make your life as a social media specialist easy.

So many features – great! But maybe it’s too complicated to set up? Absolutely not – just sign up and get started right away.

Centralized Tagged Campaign Management - Stay Organized, Improve Reporting and Save Time

Dynamic Campaign Dashboard

Find top performing versus low-performing tagged campaigns with a few clicks – in our campaign dashboard you can easily sort, search, and view each activity by date, number of clicks, name, and more.

Dynamic Reports Section

Gain instant overview of your marketing campaigns –  see performance KPIs without the need to login to your GA4 platform every single time.

Individual Reports

One-click reports – access your GA4 reports across 7 dimensions and 10 metrics for every single campaign with a click! Instant visibility to what works in an easy and simple way.

Unlimited Categories

Organize your campaigns into unlimited categories – add category tracking or use categories to limit user access.

Unlimited Campaign Edits

Missed a link? Need to add more tracking links to existing campaigns? No problem, just click “+Add Links” from your individual campaign page and go.

Dynamic Search & Archives

Easily maintain a well-organized work space thanks to our search and archiving options. Find or archive old campaigns with a few easy mouse clicks.

Weekly Email Updates

Weekly email updates will keep you up to speed on any progress and new campaigns happening in your account. You can stop emails at any time.


Multi-Link Grabbing Chrome Extension

We now offer an enterprise edition of our Link grabber which enables email producers to grab, tag and auto-return tagged links into email with a click. No extra effort.

Google Drive Integration

Our deeper Google Drive integration enables you to add display images to your display tagging campaigns and even send all your links automatically to a Google drive document to save time.

Multiple Data/Reporting Options

Export Individual Campaigns

Export individual Campaigns as .CSV files by downloading manually or automating via Google Sheets, Zapier, or SFTP.

Google Report Explorer

Build a custom report by selecting multiple GA dimensions and metrics. Easily showcase custom tag performance and export it as a .CSV file.

Large Report Variety by Date

Enjoy a large variety of reports by date – view your data from yesterday, last seven days, last thirty days, or specify a custom period of time.

Adobe Analytics CID & IAD Nomenclatures

Standard & Custom CID Values

We provide an out-of-the-box simple Adobe Analytics set up for both standard and custom CID values. Available to all customers.

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Custom Adobe Analytics Setup

We offer cutomized envrionment setup for customer for large and complex Adobe Analytics CID & AID tag nomenclatures and multiple players.

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Dedicated Support

We provide dedicated support to ensure your set up needs are met and your team – onboarded. We are happy to add cutom features at your request.

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Integration and Automation

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Simple, secure, no-code connection to your Google Analytics accounts – ALL of them! If you own 5 sites, you can track campaigns across all of them – in one dashboard!

Google Analytics


Secure and simple integration with your SFTP for easy-to-schedule exchange of files and data. Currently we consume SaleForce ID & Campaign Data and Send Back Daily and Weekly Campaign data.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Our super-friendly, yet powerful extension lets you save a significant amount of time and tag without the need to hop between pages or sites. EASY. SIMPLE. FAST. 



Share your tagged links on Buffer with a click straight from the CampaignTrackly platform.



Share your tagged links on Facebook with a click straight from the CampaignTrackly platform.



Share your tagged links on LinkedIn straight from CampaignTrackly without the need to hop between sites.



Share your tagged links on Twitter straights from your dashboard without the need to hop between sites.

Short Link Shortener

Short Link Shortener

If you are currently a customer of short, you can seamlessly connect to your account via Campaigntrackly to automatically shorten your links as you go. Bulk and single-link processing in seconds. Try CampaignTrackly now.

Short Link Shortener

Rebrandly Link Shortener

Rebrandly customers enjoy its branded domains and custom links along with its in-depth analytics. We support both generic and custom Rebrandly links – just tag and shorten links automatically or edit each link to give it a unique name.

BitLy Vanity Domains

BitLy Vanity Domains

For those customers who have a vanity (branded) domain and would like to use it with single or bulk links, as well as unique custom links – we offer the option to leverage your vanity domain automatically at no extra cost. Start today.



The CampaignTrackly advanced API is not just sending data from an end point. Some of our end points can unlock complex two-way workflows that eliminate completely manual work.




Our Hootsuite-approved app lets you send with a single click a pre-timed, pre-tagged schedule of multiple social posts directly into your Hootsuite calendar. Hootsuite account required.



One-way Zapier integration can connect CampaignTrackly to Google Sheets, HubSpot, Marketo, and other applications in the Zapier eco-system that you might be using.

Knowledge Base and Flexible Plans

Individual Plans

Easy sign up and great pricing for individual bloggers, social media specialists, and digital marketers.

Team Capabilities

Team-sharing and collaboration is key, therefore we offer great packages for small, as well as larger marketing teams.

Enterprise Packages

Large enterprises need APIs, customized user management and other productivity features. These are available at custom pricing.

We Want to Help You Succeed - Work with Us!

QR Codes

We provide a QR code automatically for every tagged link, so you can maximize your use of CampaignTrackly across digital, mobile and print channels. Instantly download and save time. (This is a paid feature.)

Get Started

Fast Setup

We can help set you up, so you can start seeing ROI almost immediately. For a small setup fee, we will upload all your tags and will provide your team with dedicated web training and best practices advice.

Ask to Meet us

Custom Features

We can save you more time by building custom spreadsheets or connections to your systems or other tools that you are using – at a fraction of the cost. Because we want your business and want to help you succeed.

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