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TUTM Code Quiz  – test your UTM code knowledge today.

Answer these 10 quick questions to solidify your understanding of what UTM tags are and how we use them.

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UTM Parameters Quiz

This quiz aims to help you solidify your understanding of UTM tracking codes and how they can be used by Marketers.

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The 5 key UTM Tracking Codes (utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_content):

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UTM_Term is:

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UTM Tags are:

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If we miss the "?" after our original link when we are adding our UTM tags - we will:

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UTM_Campaign Tag is used to:

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UTM_Term is required by Google Analytics to be able to group your links in meaningful buckets:

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UTM_Content value reports on:

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If we need to add more than one utm tracking tag, we need to:

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UTM_Campaign is mandatory for the tracking process

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UTM_source is:

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Helpful resources:

What are UTM Tracking Codes and how to use them?

UTM tracking codes, also known as UTM tags or UTM parameters are custom-added snippets of code that marketers append to their digital links before promoting them on external websites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Once the promoted links generate visits, the information comes into Google Analytics or similar tools to provide KPI insights at the campaign, channel or content level. The web analytics platforms, will recognize these snippets when sorting and grouping the links which your audience visited on your website and will be able to ties traffic performance and conversions directly to a specific marketing campaign or even tactic.

This data separates the generic unknown traffic from your targeted, paid campaigns and provides relevant campaign-related performance KPI stats. Adding tracking code to links today is a competitive strength and organizations build extensive link tracking strategies and operations. To learn more about UTM codes, read our guide below.

Get an overview of what UTM tags are and how you can use them to generate granular insights for your marketing campaigns to drive improved spend decisions

How to Create UTM Tracking Codes?

In this video, we will show you how to create individual UTM tracking codes, how to build your UTM tag library and import tags in bulk:

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