How to Make a QR Code


How to Make a QR Code

How to make a QR code? Easy. Here are several ways depending on your goals:

Grab a QR Code from Your Browser

  • If you quickly want to share your web page with others, just locate the “share” icon right next to your page URL in your Chrome web browser address bar. Select whether to copy or download a QR code for your page. Done!
Easy QR Code Generation

Use a Platform That Automates QR Code Management & Reporting

  • If you want to track QR code users and see reporting regarding visitor behavior, then you need a QR code app solution. There are many currently available on the market.
  • Our CampaignTrackly QR code generator comes with 13+ QR code generation options, a URL shortener, an opportunity to add destination URL campaign tags and more.
QR Code Generation
  • It provides native reporting giving you insights around clicks, visitor country, city, browser, device and more.
  • If you generate QR code after you first add analytics tags to your URLs, then all these insights will get directly into your Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics platform.
  • With us you can easily create QR codes with a few clicks for event invites, LinkedIn bios, email, Wi-Fi, websites, PDFs, print materials and more.

Watch How to Create QR Code with CampaignTrackly Here

  • For more details, visit our QR code maker page: