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Automated UTM tracking in MArketing

Automate the Way You Track & Measure Inbound Campaign KPIs


It’s not easy to find a reliable and cost-effective way to track & measure Inbound campaign KPIs Although ROI is...

Marketers' Top Priorities in 2016

10 Marketing Priorities in 2016 that Can Transform Your Digital Strategy


This infographic summarizes ten marketing priorities included in the 2016 marketing reports of automation leaders Hubspot and Salesforce. The companion guide to...

Use email to promote your content

6 Clever Ways to Boost Content Reach with Email Marketing


In this blog we are sharing an infographic plus a brief companion guide to show you how to boost your...

5 marketing productivity tools

5 Marketing Tools That Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars


In this blog, I am sharing 5 great productivity tools that can significantly enhance your marketing strategy, while helping you...

Free Marketing Campaign ROI Calculato

Free Marketing KPIs & Campaign ROI Calculator


This blog discusses why you need to use a campaign ROI calculator to measure your performance. It also shows you...

Using Google Analytics campaign tracking to improve campaign insights and decisions

Why Marketing Analytics is at the core of Your Marketing Success


Why Marketing Analytics is indispensable to any Marketer Accurately measuring marketing effectiveness has always been a problem for marketers. They...

2 digital marketing metrics for success

2 Digital Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Know, Part 2


The Only 2 Digital Marketing Metrics You Need to Make Sure You are Not Leaving Money on the Table. In...

3 Visual Content Snags Social Marketers Face Daily + How to Fix Them

3 Visual Content Snags Social Marketers Face Daily + How to Fix Them


Visual Content is the key to optimizing your engagements with audiences, period I recently finished reading Ekaterina Walter’s awesome book œThe...

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