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Interactive UTM Tags and Parameters Quiz

UTM Code Quiz – Test Your Knowledge Now


TUTM Code Quiz  – test your UTM code knowledge today. Answer these 10 quick questions to solidify your understanding of...

URL LInk Shortener in one platform with link tagging UTM builder

3 Solid Reasons Why Our Link Shortener Drives Amazing ROI


In today’s blog we will cover the CampaignTrackly Link Shortener. We will share with you three solids reasons why you should...

CampaignTrackly is SourceForge Winner for Customer Satisfaction

CampaignTrackly Wins a 2021 Top Performer Award in Summer 2021 From SourceForge


CampaignTrackly has reported today that it has won a 2021 Top Performer Award in Summer 2021 From SourceForge CampaignTrackly by...

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Get $10 When You Review CampaignTrackly on SourceForge


We have an amazing opportunity for our customers to get a $10 gift card by reviewing our CampaignTrackly Link Tagging...

Why Marketing Automation Will Make Every Marketer Look Like a STAR


Recently, I was invited to talk about Marketing Automation (MA) and why marketers should consider championing and investing into these...

Add "Email Confirmation" To Your Marketo forms in 5 easy steps

Marketo: Add Email Address Confirmation to Your Forms in 5 Easy Steps


How to add a “confirm your email” field to your Marketo form to verify/validate that the original “email address” field...

Marketo Landing Page Popup

Marketo: How to add “Thank-you” Popups To Your Landing Pages


As you have probably discovered, I am a fan of Marketo’s landing pages because there are almost no restrictions to...

Marketo Dynamic Banner Landing Page

Marketo: Add Banner Slideshows to Landing Pages in 5 Easy Steps


Marketo offers great landing page templates that have all the awesome elements a landing page should have. The platform provides...

Marketo Integrate Existing Forms with the Platform

Marketo Blank Form Use: Tutorial


Marketo has a really cool feature called “blank” (background) form use. This literally means that you are embedding a completely...

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