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Get $10 When You Review CampaignTrackly on SourceForge


We have an amazing opportunity for our customers to get a $10 gift card by reviewing our CampaignTrackly Link Tagging...

Why Marketing Automation Will Make Every Marketer Look Like a STAR


Recently, I was invited to talk about Marketing Automation (MA) and why marketers should consider championing and investing into these...

Add "Email Confirmation" To Your Marketo forms in 5 easy steps

Marketo: Add Email Address Confirmation to Your Forms in 5 Easy Steps


How to add a “confirm your email” field to your Marketo form to verify/validate that the original “email address” field...

Marketo Landing Page Popup

Marketo: How to add “Thank-you” Popups To Your Landing Pages


As you have probably discovered, I am a fan of Marketo’s landing pages because there are almost no restrictions to...

Marketo Dynamic Banner Landing Page

Marketo: Add Banner Slideshows to Landing Pages in 5 Easy Steps


Marketo offers great landing page templates that have all the awesome elements a landing page should have. The platform provides...

Marketo Integrate Existing Forms with the Platform

Marketo Blank Form Use: Tutorial


Marketo has a really cool feature called “blank” (background) form use. This literally means that you are embedding a completely...

Marketo Use Velocity Scripts

Marketo: Copy-Paste These Email Scripts To Your Templates For a Fast Win


Marketo has this amazing Email Script capability that enables you to do really cool and amazing personalization stuff in a...

Marketo Style Form the easy way

Marketo: How to Custom-style Form Field Text, Hide Asterisks and More


In this blog, I will cover a few tips and tricks that can easily solve some styling issues related to...

Bulk-tag links & track large audiences with a click

How to Create Hundreds of Custom Tracking Tags in Seconds to Track Large SMS Text/Individual Campaigns


In this blog, I will show you how CampaignTrackly can help you drive economies of scale, while saving you a...

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