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Marketo: Copy-Paste These Email Scripts To Your Templates For a Fast Win


Marketo has this amazing Email Script capability that enables you to do really cool and amazing personalization stuff in a...

Marketo: How to Custom-style Form Field Text, Hide Asterisks and More


In this blog, I will cover a few tips and tricks that can easily solve some styling issues related to...

Bulk-tag links & track large audiences with a click

How to Create Hundreds of Custom Tracking Tags in Seconds to Track Large SMS Text/Individual Campaigns


In this blog, I will show you how CampaignTrackly can help you drive economies of scale, while saving you a...

CampaignTracy v7.0: Campaign Archive, Custom Dimensions, Direct-sourced Google Analytics Reports


HOT Update: v7.1 is coming ahead of time first week of December: We are adding a search functionality to Existing...

CampaignTrackly v6.0 – Adobe Nomenclatures, Rebrandly, More NEW Features


We are pleased to inform customers and users that the following features are available immediately for use on our CampaignTrackly...

What’s New: UTM Tag Pagination, Search & Favorites. It’s All About Fast & Easy!


We are excited to share with our current and prospective customers that we have added a host of new productivity...

New Features Released Today: CampaignTrackly Latest Version


We are pleased to announce our latest new features and bug fixes, which are meant to improve the quality of...

NEW! QR Codes for ALL Tagged Links, Folders for Campaigns & More


We are pleased to announce CampaignTrackly’s latest new features, including QR code auto-generation, dedicated folders for your campaigns, and Tag...

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