Digital Marketing Campaign Tracking: Best-In-Class Ways to Measure and Optimize


We are super excited to announce our new training and certification series that focuses on digital marketing campaign tracking and helps you generate reliable, consistent customer insights:

How to Build a Best-in-class Digital Marketing Campaign Tracking Strategy

Topics Covered

This training program will help you find answers to questions like:

  • What digital marketing campaigns require manual tags added to destination URLs
  • Which three UTM tags does Google Analytics require to provide accurate campaign tracking and reporting
  • What campaigns require manual tags added to destination URLs
  • How to REALLY set up campaign tracking and measuring by converting URLs into tracking links
  • What other tags can be used to provide more granular insights about my website visitors
  • How to build best-in-class digital marketing campaign tracking process
  • How to build an advanced digital campaign tracking strategy for effective reporting across owned and paid digital marketing activities
  • How to prevent bad data quality that prevents us from measuring and optimizing digital ROI
  • How to showcase the value of our marketing to internal stakeholders, and more.

If you are interested to become a certified pro in creating best-in-class digital campaign tracking strategies, this training course and certification can be of great value to you. Watch out for our announcement – but we generally expect to launch it on Udemy in February, 2023.

View the slides from Session 1, the Digital Marketing Campaign Tracking Overview:

The actual recorded session with text will be made available to registered course takers.

Our Training Approach

We will introduce you to digital campaign tracking within the context of Google Analytics reporting and your business KPIs.

But really, this methodology, can be applied towards any other web analytics tool, because it focuses on best practices and process.

We start by identifying how to track across owned, earned, and paid media, and gradually go deeper into the components and reporting of each tracking parameter and type.

How it Works

  • The training series has 14 sessions.
  • Each session covers a key topic that is required for building an end-to-end digital campaign tracking strategy and has a quiz at the end.
  • A final quiz is administered at the end when all sessions have been completed. You need to be signed up for the course to be able to receive the certification.

The first three sessions are FREE. The course costs $129.99. Existing customers receive 50% discount.

You do not have to take the Certification test. If you do, a certification document will be sent to you upon correct completion of 80% of the material.

You can sign up for the training certification course here and we will send you a payment link with access to the series:

Here is the First Quiz

It covers some of the main takeaways from the first session.


Session 1 Quiz: Overview

Let's cover your understanding of the main takeaways from our overview

1 / 10

1. Examples of Paid Media include (Check all that apply):

2 / 10

2. If UTM_source is "google", then its correct UTM_medium will be: (check all that apply)

3 / 10

3. Adding UTM tracking parameters to Organic Search is:

4 / 10

4. Paid media should always be tracked, using UTM parameters.

5 / 10

5. Select the correct UTM_sources from the options below (check all that apply):

6 / 10

6. Examples of Owned media are (select all that apply):

7 / 10

7. Which Google Analytics dimension can show you insights from your Custom Tags if you are not using Custom Dimensions?

8 / 10

8. To see insights from the promo_id tags, you need to have the GA e-commerce reporting enabled and your internal promotions parameters set up in Google Tag manager.

9 / 10

9. UTM_Source provides more granular insights than UTM_medium.

10 / 10

10. An example of Earned media is when an influencer on Twitter sees your tweet, gets intrigued, retweets it to their audience resulting in hundreds of likes and website visits for you. How would your reporting be affected? (select all that apply)

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What to Expect Next

  • Next comes tutorial #1.
  • Tutorial #1 will delve into why you have to build your tracking strategy with your Analytics suite in mind. 
  • It will cover in detail the UTM_medium tag and how to use it to track your digital channels.
  • At the end of tutorial #1 we will have a quiz to solidify your learnings.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to drop me a note at