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twitter retweets

Twitter is now letting us add comments to our retweets – why this is good news

What a nice surprise today, Twitter! I have always wanted to have the ability to offer my own comments when...

Cheat sheet which helps assess readiness of your social media agency to help you

Shop for Social Media Agencies Like a Pro: A 5-point Cheat Sheet

Why you need a cheat-sheet when shopping for Social Media agencies I have had my share of dealings with social...

Fresh content is important to your Google Rankings in SEO

Fresh Content – a Positive SEO Ranking Factor or Not?

Here is what the SEO pros will tell you about publishing new content to influence your SEO results (They mostly...

Grow Website Traffic with these tips

Ten Quick Ways to Grow Your Website Traffic

Here is a quick checklist that will help you grow website traffic in a consistent and effective way: 1. Content...

Showcasing a SEO success

Top SEO Ranks in Less than 2 Months: Yes, You Can

In this blog, I am sharing the results of our completely honest, by-the-book SEO work on, along with the...

do you make it hard

Nine Reasons Why Your Visitors Don’t Stick Around

In this blog we share nine reasons why your visitors might not be willing to stick around. We have also...

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