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email campaign tracking in GA

Easy Email Tracking In Google Analytics Using UTM Tags

In this blog we are sharing a tracking template infographic with a companion guide that show you how to track...

free ebook guide

Launch & Measure the ROI of Your eBook in 8 Steps

This blog offers a simple infographic with a companion guide that helps marketers build from start to end a well-defined...

How to address Buffer's automated UTM tag generation challenges

2 Social Media Tracking Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Buffer

This blog discusses 2 potential pitfalls related to measuring the success of multi-channel campaigns when marketers use Buffer’s automated social...

how to develop effetcive utm tag campaign tracking

Why UTM Parameters Make You Look Good in front of Your Bosses

This 2 page-long blog discusses common marketing success tracking and reporting challenges, walks you through UTM parameters and how they...

Image showing the title of the blog that talks about campaign tracking mistakes

5 Marketing Metrics Mistakes that Might Hurt Your Results

This blog looks at five common marketing metrics related mistakes that could diminish significantly the impact of your marketing efforts. Rumour...

UTM-based campaign tracking challenges

Why Marketers Hate to Build Tracking Links & How to Fix It

This blog talks about the value of tracking campaign KPIs via UTM codes. It explains why we need to use...

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