• Automated Tag Generator for All URL types
  • Unlimited Custom, UTM Tag Libraries & QR Codes
  • Combined One-click URL Builder and Link Shortener
  • Single/Multi Link Grabber – One-click Action, Any Website
  • Solid Tracking Link Governance for Consistent Reporting
  • Fine-grained Team/Member Access Control, & More

So Much More Than Just a Fast Tracking Link Generator 

  • Over 65 automation features
  • Cost-effective. Requires minimal learning. Easy to adopt
  • Lets you centralize campaign tracking, introducing best practices with minimal hassle
  • No more partial or disparate tracking – now you can do it all in one place
  • Track with precision all digital campaigns without stretching production times
  • No more hidden under-performing promotions – unveil insights quickly for faster tactic and spend optimization
  • For Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics users

You Will Never Have to Learn UTM Codes or Manually Generate Tags for URL Links

Fully Automated Wizard

Fully Automated Wizard

Our user-friendly step-by-step Google Analytics URL Engine & Adobe Tag Generator wizard does all the work for you. No prior tagging or HTML knowledge needed.

Fully Automated Wizard

Build URLS Anywhere

Flexible Chrome Extension enables you to use our easy-to-use automated tracking link builder on any page without the need to visit

Shorten & Export in one Go

Shorten & Export in one Go

Our CTRLY Shortener, plus the Bitly/Rebrandly/Short options save time and effort by auto-shortening your links during the tagging process – completely error-free.

You Can Build Easy Governance and Link Tracking Excellence with Minimal Learning

Fast, automated, error-free link management:

Simple yet flexible management of all Google-defined UTM parameters plus unlimited Custom Tracking Tags. Learn more

 Unlimited tag naming conventions, rules, formatting and designations for required or optional tags. Learn more

Link creators, categories, templates, dates, QR codes, short URLs and click performance logs for all your links. Learn more

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Centralize Campaign Tracking Across All Digital Channels with Ease

Centralized Management for better transparency

Instantly access your full campaign history and assets. Maintain a centralized database that automatically saves all your campaigns, tags, and URLs and can be accessed at any time from anywhere. 

Auto-generated graphs and charts

Get instant visibility to campaign performance with your automated access to Google Analytics campaign data. View in seconds how a campaign is performing across channels – sort through dates, names, UTM tags, and conversions in one screen. 

Standardized rules to eliminate errors

Effortlessly standardize the use of tag and campaign naming conventions to eliminate errors and under-reporting. Get higher ROI on your marketing by shrinking campaign production cycle and making better budget spend decisions.

Tag & Build One, Ten or Hundreds of Links in One Go

Block 1

Our tagging engine seamlessly builds simple or complex Adobe or Google Analytics tag and link combinations. Tag one or hundreds of links in one go and save time.

Block 2

Our link processing engine shortens links and auto-generates spreadsheets as it tags  – so you can use your links in seconds. No extra steps or code needed.

Block 3

Our link management and reporting engines give you 24×7 access to link & campaign history, convenient dashboards and an easy way to visualize your clicks.

Ready to Simplify and Scale Link Tracking Across all Channels?

Easily Ensure Uniformity and User Engagement With These Tagging Short Cuts

Pre-saved UTM Tags

Make it easy for your users to build tracking links effectively while spending the shortest amount of time possible using tagging templates – unlimited templates, unlimited tag combinations.  

One-Click Governance

Introduce required tracking UTM codes and spelling and font case formatting with the push of a button, making it easy for everyone to ensure accuracy and consistency across all cmapaigns

Bulk Tag Operations

Process multiple tags and tracking URL links in one go. Export all your tagged campaign data in user-friendly format for easy sharing and management.

Build Processes and Learn As You Go

The analytics and data sectors are constantly evolving. For example, GA4 is just around the corner and more changes are coming as privacy and security decisions start affecting how we measure digital advertising. As your trusted partner we will help you navigate all link tracking changes supporting you with innovation, new features, and thought leadership blogs and articles.

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Building UTM tracking links to measure marketing attribution is a complex and daunting process for business users. No amount of training will minimize the frustration of having to handle multiple spreadsheets and touch points to be able to track the success of your promotions.

CampaignTrackly lets you simplify everything related to link tagging and tracking. It automates almost everything securing consistent tagging conventions and formatting, and safeguarding against common errors. It is a viable and scalable alternative that removes manual work and makes things easy for your team.

Get better campaign insights and drive ROI optimization with CampaignTrackly.