Quick Reporting Wins with Google Analytics


Quick Reporting Wins with Google Analytics

Here are a few quick and easy custom reports and dashboards you can “set and forget” without the need to dedicate hours worth of hard work.

Why consider using these analytics dashboards?

  • They are free,
  • They are easily accessible – you can install/uninstall or share them with a click of a button,
  • They provide great reporting insights without the need to build your own custom reports and
  • They give you all the data you need to make informed decisions and save you significant amounts of time.

The Goals by Channel Dashboard

  • Use this dashboard as your centralized conversion performance report and keep track of your goals daily, monthly or as often as you like.
    • identify patterns, trends, and take immediate action if your performance suddenly suffers.
  • The report shows you your top converting channels and your top converting audience broken down by age.
  • Additionally (yes, it provides a lot more info than shown in the image above) it gives you:
    • which pages contributed to your goals, plus top performing content assets
    • which cities generated the largest number of goal completions
    • mobile phone versus desktop performance, and more.

How to install it:

Make sure you are logged into Google Analytics, then just click here to get your goal conversion dashboard.

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