The Best Way to Manage UTM and Link Tagging


The Best Way to Manage UTM and Link Tagging

Managing UTM links is a real pain for marketers, especially when you have to generate multiple UTM tags, build multiple tracking URLs, and shorten at the same time.

As a campaign manager, dealing with multiple content and social media campaigns on a daily basis, my biggest productivity challenges for years have been to:

  • make sure I have a safe place so I don’t lose them or can easily find them,
  • remember the right Excel file and version where I keep all my tracking links,
  • remember the right conventions for naming of tags and campaigns
  • handle error- and hassle-free the multiple Excel sheets, Google docs, and back-and-forths when shortening my long URLS.
  • find out how to shorten the process and eliminate the tedious manual work

Don’t get me wrong – the iconic Google URL builder was an epic productivity tool 15 years ago. I love it to death:)).

However, try using it when you have to process 30–40 tracking links in one go and you have a ton of work on your plate for the day:)). Its is really hard:)).

Today, there are a number of tracking automation tools available on the market. They pretty much extend the Google URL builder by giving it wings and integrating it with numerous apps and solutions to fuel marketers’ productivity.

Very much depends on what you are looking for. Here are a few with a brief description of what they offer:

  1. CampaignTrackly – has a FREE for life version with multiple features. Plans start at $13.50 for a single user. The free version automates the UTM tag generation (both custom and standard), long URL creation and shortening (Bitly) of multiple campaigns and links and link exporting. The paid version has a Chrome extension that enables you to tag everywhere (automatically parses links and tags them) + an auto-connection with Google Analytics so you can see your capaign performance in one dashboard. Both the free and paid let you store all your campaigns and pre-save/re-use all your tags to eliminate tagging errors. One-click auto-export of .csv files.
  2. Terminusapp – also fully automates custom and standard UTM tag generation, long URL creation, and shortens your links. Has a weekly email that updates you on your campaign status. It has a 21-day free trial, no free version, and caters effectively to the larger enterprise businesses and agencies with multi-user and project management. Personal plans start at $29. It doesn’t offer Google Analytics integration currently.
  3. Whysr – another automating UTM tool that offers pretty similar services. It has a free version and its paid plans start at $29.99, which include Google Analytics connection. They also have a “tag anywhere” extension.
  4. CampaignTail – Also offers pretty much the same UTM tagging, URL generation and shortening automation features. features multi-user management, .gov dedicated shortener, and Google Analytics integration. Its free version does not include Bitly shortening or custom tag use.
  5. Effinamazing is a Chrome extension only and does not have a SAAS-based dashboard that lets you manage and store your campaigns or view analytics in your account. It is meant for lightweight tagging use it allows you to keep UTM presets. It auto-integrates with Bitly too and lets you export your tags to Google Docs.