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We have an amazing opportunity for our customers to get a $10 gift card by reviewing our CampaignTrackly Link Tagging service on SourceForge!

How It Works

As our customer – whether you use our free or paid plans, you have the opportunity to leverage our platform every single day. We always commit to helping and suppoting you 100% and regularly pushing new features based on customer feedback and requests – for free!

Now is the time for you to get rewarded for sharing your feedback about us! All you need to do is to follow the link at the end of this blog and provide an honest review about our service and features. There are only 9 simple questions that take less than a couple of minutes!

Once the SourceForge system registers your review, they will send us a notification and will award you the $10 as a “Thank you!” for your time and consideration.

9 Questions to review CampaignTrackly

What to Talk About

Feel free to discuss our service – the features, the setup, the design, the pricing. We will be very grateful to you if you provide us with a good rating if you like our app.

Good reviews help us attract more customers, which in turn enables us to pour all our revenues back into enhancing our platform to meet your needs.

As a small business that is self-supporting solely through revenue streams coming through our SAAS service, we want to thank you in advance for taking the time off your business schedule to support us in being able to attract more customers like you and grow, so we can develop some amazing features that would save you even more time and would give you amazing insights!

Your opinion matters – people like you who are searching for a solution will be grateful to you if you share with them your feedback about us!

How to Claim Your Gift Card

You are getting a $10 gift card directly from us. As soon as you submit your review, please share the link with us at

If you do not receive your gift cards within 3 business days, please re-send the email to: with a link to your review, letting us know you never got the cards and we will make sure we send you the gift card ASAP!

Thank you again!

Sincerely, The CampaignTrackly Team

(This is a limited time offer only valid for the first 10 reviews)

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