New Features Released Today: CampaignTrackly Latest Version


We are pleased to announce our latest new features and bug fixes, which are meant to improve the quality of our service and will help our customers achieve faster and more consistent results.


1. Teams

  • If you are purchasing a Team membership, now you will be receiving an email notification when your team members create an account.
  • You can manage your team’s access to Tags (edit yes/no) and Campaign Categories (access to all, root, individual or group campaigns) with a few clicks of your mouse using our Settings area.

Team Access Management

2. Analytics Tool Options (Adobe and Google Analytics)

  • If you are creating a brand new account, you are now able to choose whether you want an Adobe Analytics setup versus Google Analytics setup to match your needs.

3. Campaign and Reports Tables

  • Now both Campaigns and Reports dashboards feature clicks and links. In addition, we have added numbering, and ability to segment your results by Campaign Category in the Reports page.

New Enhancements in Reports Dashboard

4. More tracking values in Google Analytics Reports

  • Based on customer request, we have added extra reporting values in the individual campaign reporting dashboards. You can now see session duration, new versus existing user clicks, and more.
  • Expect more features coming your way in GA.

New Google Analytics Tracking Values Added

5. Rearranged Campaign Dashboard View

  • We have added drop-down menus for your campaign categories and new campaign creation options to provide you with more space on your dashboard for cleaner, easier access of your info.
  • If your view appears broken, you can see the new setup after refreshing your browser cache.



Multiple Links Campaigns

  • Fixed a bug, which prevented users from adding content to additional links after they go back to step 1 and return back to step 2.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented users from exporting full list of their tags when exporting their tagged campaign.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented users from finding out if a duplicate campaign already exists.

Multiple Campaign Links Bug Fix

Single Links Campaigns

  • Fixed a bug which was preventing users from using the “all-lower-caps” setting for campaign that ensures consistent naming conventions.

Internal Campaigns

  • Fixed a bug which was causing an error in the reporting of hits and clicks on eCommerce-enabled marketing tracking.



As always, a big thank you to our customers for their support and help – without you we could not have been able to uncover and fix these bugs. Your ideas and new feature suggestions are awesome, so please keep them coming!!!

To contact us, just use the on-site ticketing tool or contact us at

Happy Tracking!

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