Why Marketing Analytics is at the core of Your Marketing Success

Why Marketing Analytics is indispensable to any Marketer

Accurately measuring marketing effectiveness has always been a problem for marketers. They rely on precise, qualified reporting to secure budget approvals, and gain the respect and support of their marketing projects from upper management. In fact, according to Hubspot and Salesforce, the top priority for marketers in 2016 is proving the value of marketing.

Many times marketers focus solely on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as website visits and bounce rates to report the value of their marketing efforts. While these are important and relevant metrics, what matters most for a marketer’s business goals is how effective their campaigns are in attracting enough qualified visitors, and converting these visitors into leads. It’s not sufficient to just generate traffic. A good marketer must deliver a specific targeted audience for their company’s product or service in order to grow, and drive business online.

For example, marketers can pay for a service to drive 1,000 visits a month to a particular page. But if all that is gained is click-throughs to the page – with no visitors taking the extra step to fill out a form or click on additional resources – the initial investment was wasted. The ultimate goal is not just visits, but visits with high interest in what your company is offering, and visits with high intent to buy or engage.

Marketing Analytics Provides the Solution

For effective marketing analytics to take place, marketers need to start with a relevant strategy that defines their business objectives and goals. This strategy needs to ensure that every campaign implemented is being tracked effectively, so the relevancy and conversion rate coming from specific channel traffic can be properly assessed. If the conversion rate is low, A/B testing or other salvaging techniques can be deployed to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

It’s All About Improving the Results.

No campaign is 100% perfect, but marketing analytics help tremendously with specific campaigns, plus in developing an overall marketing strategy. Factors contributing to an individual campaign’s ineffectiveness might be a poor title, a weak call to action, a confusing or poorly-designed image, lack of clearly-defined benefits, and more. There are many reasons why a high intent visitor gets turned off. In order make any A/B testing effective, tracking must be properly set up in place first.

Tracking: the Foundation of Marketing Analytics

Tracking provides the framework for a marketer’s success. Without it, there is no system in place to collect correct data that marketers can trust, or use to pinpoint and resolve problems. Unless tracking is correctly applied, no marketing analytics could be successful.

Sometimes marketers avoid getting into marketing analytics because they believe they don’t have the time or the resources. Marketing analytics can be very time-consuming, complicated, and ineffective when done manually.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can use a tool like campaigntrackly.com, with which you can improve and automate your marketing tracking efforts and access seamlessly & cost-effectively the granular analytics data you need to succeed.

CampaignTrackly has been designed by marketers – for marketers – so the process is easy, fast, and most importantly – centered around your accuracy and productivity needs. All your campaigns can be organized and implemented in one place, with easy reporting out of the box.

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