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Save Time and Hassle by Automating How You Build Mailchimp Email Tracking Links

Quick, easy, simple way to add reliable tracking UTM codes to your links to measure the effectiveness of your marketing emails.

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Why Email UTM Links are a Hassle

The Email-based UTM Link Tracking Challenge

Adding tracking code to your email links is a tough exercise, often times taking a lot of time. It is a process that is error-prone and takes the fun out of the email-building experience.

Why UTM Tracking Codes are a Must

UTM Tracking Codes Drive Quality Insights

But marketers are under pressure to showcase ROI on every Email asset and every campaign they deliver. And since Google Analytics relies on UTM tags to provide relevant insights – adding UTM codes is a must.

Frequent Challenges When You are Trying to Add Tracking Links to Emails

When you have many links

If you have a single-box, single-link email adding tracking codes to one link is manageable. The more links or boxes you add to your email, especially when you need to have buttons and images that also need links, the harder it is to ensure that everything has been tagged in an error-free, consistent manner.

When you are tying to save time

Mailchimp email producers focused on automating their workload to avoid errors, often-times leverage the umbrella UTM tag function from Mailchimp that allows them to add the utm_medium=”email” tag to their links. But defining your channel is not enough to provide quality insights into link performance.

When you use a spreadsheet to tag

Many marketers resort to creating their emails and then separately use a spreadsheet to concatenate tracking codes into their email links. After creating the links, they copy them and paste them into their newly created emails. But this process is error-prone, adds manual work, and let’s face it – we sometimes forget to do it or just don’t have time.

When you need to add custom tracking

Often times teams need to add more than just the regular UTM tracking tags to get more granular insights. Certain information might need to have hidden values or tags might have to have numeric values with a set number of digits. Adding all these custom tags manually might be unsustainable and affect data accuracy and usefulness.

Luckily, CampaignTrackly Offers a Great Solution

You can automate and streamline email tagging, while ensuring your data is high quality, and your insights – well, positively insightful. You can achieve all that by using our Chrome or Edge Extensions.

4 Great Reasons to Use CampaignTrackly To Automate Tracking Link Creation

The Best Value at Great Cost Ownership

Reason # 1

65+ automation features save time, eliminate data errors, and drive high adoption rates

Reason #2

3-week innovative features and improvements cycle which drives better user experiences

Reason #3

The top link tracking expertise in the market combined with automation platform core strengths that let you build a best-in-class tracking and reporting framework that drives ROI and lets you be in control of your marketing budget.

Reason #4

100% customer dedication gives you: friendly and timely support, guaranteed security of your data and processes, full connectivity to your upstream and downstream applications for an effective end-to-end process with minimal manual work.

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