WEBINAR: Why Link Tracking is Critical for Marketing Attribution & Measuring What Drives Revenues + How to Build a Tracking Strategy

WHEN: Tuesday, February 16 12:00 PM Eastern Time

About the FREE Webinar

In today's complex digital landscape of intricate customer journeys and ever growing promotional channels, one of marketers' top challenges continues to be:

Marketing Attribution is the solution to quantifying marketing success.  It is a method that records and gives credit to the key channels and campaigns that customers touch as they journey through the funnel.


Marketing Attribution relies heavily on link tracking. To be effective, link tracking needs to be systemic, all-encompassing and consistent.

There are quite a few barriers preventing marketers from building link tracking strategies that work.


  • Why link tracking puts marketers in control
  • What are the key barriers marketers face as they are trying to build link tracking strategies
  • What are the 7 steps to designing and implementing a sustainable, all-encompassing, systemic and consistent link tracking strategy
  • How CampaignTrackly resolves tracking barrier challenges and sets you up for success.


Marketing tracking app features Automated URL Builder + Campaign and Reporting Dashboards

Milena Mitova, Co-founder, CampaignTrackly

Milena is a technologist, blogger, speaker and digital marketing expert with 15+ years' global expertise in marketing automation and operations across the SMB and Enterprise.

She has implemented over 360 digital marketing projects, including standing up marketing automation platforms, integrating multiple digital systems, launching websites, and building both simple and complex life-cycle multi-channel programs.

Milena specializes in helping marketing teams use technology & automation to optimize & quantify results, prove ROI and get the recognition they deserve. (Because at the end of the day, all marketers are of course super-heroes. :))

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