How to find UTM Campaign Parameters in Your Google Analytics


How to find UTM Campaign Parameters in Your Google Analytics

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Google Analytics UTM campaign parameters can be found in the Reports section under Acquisition>Campaigns>All campaigns.

Just log into your Universal Analytics platform and scroll down to your Acquisition Section. Under Acquisitions, select Campaigns.

1. In All Campaigns you can find out how how all your custom marketing campaigns perform when compared to each other.

The CAMPAIGN filter corresponds with the “UTM_campaign” analytics parameter that you would add to a link. It lists all your tagged campaigns that have generated clicks. Note, if you have tagged a campaign but it did not generate links, it won’t be included in here:

Where to find your Google Analytics Custom Campaigns
Image shows screen-grab of Universal Analytics>Acquisition>Campaigns>All Campaigns

2. Learn more about UTM Campaign – read our complete utm_campaign guide available here.

3. Take the UTM Campaign Quiz to solidify your knowledge.

Your Campaigns report also includes utm_source, utm_medium, utm_keyword (this is how you look up utm_term), and utm_content.

1. In the image below, you can see how your campaigns can be compared based on traffic source (the website traffic came from) or medium (the type of traffic generated. These two filters correspond with the UTM_source and UTM_medium analytics parameters:

View Custom Campaign Source And Medium in Google Analytics
Image shows Universal Analytics>Acquisition>Campaigns>All Campaigns filtering traffic by utm_source and utm_medium

2. This screengrab compares performance by content type – the blogs, in this case, are generating the largest number of goal completions. The content filter corresponds with the UTM_content analytics parameter:

CompareContent Performance in Google Analytics
Image shows Universal Google Analytics>Acquisition>Campaigns>All Campaigns filtering by utm_content

3. And Last, but not least, you can run some A/B testing and view the results by using the term or “keyword” parameter in Google Analytics. This filter corresponds with UTM_term analytics parameter.:

Where to find Term in Google Analytics Custom Campaigns
Image shows Universal Google Analytics>Acquisition>Campaigns>All Campaigns filtering by utm_term

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In Google Analytics 4, there are three places where you can see your utm_campaign parameter results

GA 4 gives you three places under Acquisition, where you can look up the results of your custom marketing campaigns – acquisition overview, user acquisition, and traffic acquisition.

1. The User acquisition report houses the utm campaign values under First user campaign.

Image shows GA 4, the Acquisition>User acquisition report, where utm campaign can be found under the First user campaign filter

2. The Traffic acquisition report shows you custom campaigns under first user campaign filter.

It will also display organic, non-tagged referral, as well as direct traffic to give you a fuller picture of your first-time user sources.

Image shows GA 4, where, in the Acquisition>Traffic acquisition report, utm campaign will be available under the Session campaign filter

3. The Acquisition overview also leverages the First user campaign filter to show you all first-visit sources, including your custom campaigns.

IImage shows GA 4, where, in the Acquisition overview, your out-of-the-box access to utm campaign will be at your top right, under First user campaign

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