How to find UTM Campaign Parameters in Your Google Analytics

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 Google Analytics UTM campaign parameters can be found in the Reports section under Acquisition>Campaigns>All campaigns.

Just log into your Google Analytics platform and scroll down to your Acquisition Section. Under Acquisitions, select Campaigns.

  1. Here, you can find how all your custom marketing campaigns perform when compared to each other. The CAMPAIGN filter corresponds with the “UTM_campaign” analytics parameter that you would add to a link. It lists all your tagged campaigns that have generated clicks. Note, if you have tagged a campaign but it did not generate links, it won’t be included in here:

Where to find your Google Analytics Custom Campaigns

2. In this image, you can see how your campaigns can be compared based on traffic source (the website traffic came from) or medium (the type of traffic generated. These two filters correspond with the UTM_source and UTM_medium analytics parameters.:

View Custom Campaign Source And Medium in Google Analytics

3. This screengrab compares performance by content type – the blogs, in this case, are generating the largest number of goal completions. The content filter corresponds with the UTM_content analytics parameter:

CompareContent Performance in Google Analytics

4. And Last, but not least, you can run some A/B testing and view the results by using the term or “keyword” parameter in Google Analytics. This filter corresponds with UTM_term analytics parameter.:

Where to find Term in Google Analytics Custom Campaigns