What Are Custom Google Analytics Campaigns?


What Are Custom Google Analytics Campaigns?

Custom campaigns is what Google Analytics refers to its Acquisitions>Campaigns Section, where it allows marketers, who have added tracking tags to their pages and blogs to see how much traffic and other engagement they have generated.

Learn more about the need to manually add tracking tags to your campaigns in our campaign url builder blog.

In the image below, you can see that Quora.com is the best traffic generator for that period and the top goal conversion channel.

Google Analytics Custom Campaigns Show Which Channels and Assets Bring Traffic

How do you send to Google your Custom Campaigns Information?

Google Analytics relies on you to “tag” your marketing links before promoting them – in other words, add special snippets of code, called UTM parameters, at the end of each link.

These tags, or parameters have a set format and need to be added in a special way to ensure that your link does not break.

What you see in the image above is how Google Analytic reads the UTM Campaign (utm_campaign) tag attached to your marketing links.

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