Campaigntrackly gives you the foundation to build best-in-class campaign performance tracking and generate better quality insights, faster. Get started by uploading your tags, creating your tracking templates and adding team members.

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How it Works: Our Process

Setup Time

  • Set up takes anywhere between 2 days to 3 weeks depending on how complex your campaign metadata and tracking process is.
  • To get started you will need:
    • A spreadsheet with all your tags in place
    • A naming convention for campaign names (UTM_Campaign)
    • A pre-defined set of tag combinations (campaign tracking templates).

Get Ready in 5 Easy Steps

  • Set up standardized link, spaces, and tag formatting – 1 Minute
  • Upload your Custom, UTM_Medium, UTM_Source, UTM_Content, UTM_Term, and Promo Tags – 10-15 Minutes
  • Set up your Tracking Campaign Templates – 1 Minute/Template
  • Set up your Link Shortener – 1 Minute
  • Set up your GA access and SFTP connection to downstream applications – 2 Minutes.

How We Help You Be Successul

  • If you are ready to go on your own, we will still support you with customer service to optimize your ROI
  • If you need training – you can become a certified tracking Pro in no time
  • If you need process know-how – you can stand up your tracking strategy from scratch with our e-guide
  • If you need custom features – we can implement those in a manner of days.

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Business Case: Tracking Templates for Facebook, Email, and More

Leverage our powerful library to create dynamic, alphanumeric, text or combination tracking tags in seconds. Combine these tags with ease using our simple tracking template builder, so your team members can re-use these templates time and again, improving their tagging experience and generating high quality data insights to optimize marketing ROI.

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Custom Requirements? We Have a Solution for That

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Some of our clients need to see friendly tag names during tagging that convert into alphanumeric code in the tracking link. We have a solution for that.


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Some of our customers need to upload their campaign templates as a .CSV instead of tagging into the platform. We have a solution for that.


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Some of our clients have a hybrid GA & Adobe tracking model involving 3rd party providers and multiple platforms. We have a solution for that.


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Some customers need view-only access for certain users versus multi-team management access for other team members. We have a solution for that.


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Business Case: Streamline the Tracking Link Production Process

Give your team members the option to focus better, work smarter, and save time by using a single platform for everything related to link management. Let the platform do the heavy lifting, minimizing errors and streamlining the link tracking production process. Get instantly available insights through our GA and link shortener visualizations to make better decisions, faster.

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