UTM Tagging Glossary


UTM Tagging Glossary

What is an UTM Code Generator?

An UTM Code Generator, also known as UTM Tag generator, is a tool that grabs pre-saved tag values (such as “social-organic”) from your library, adds the required code snippets to them (such as “utm_medium=”) and concatenates them to prepare them to be added to a base link (for example: https://www.yahoo.com).

Modern tools expand outside of the standard UTM tag remit and can add many custom tags to be able to meet the growing marketing needs for providing granular insights.

Read more about our UTM Code generator here.

What is an URL Builder?

An URL Builder is any tool that is able to add tracking code snippets to a base link to convert it to a trackable link. The link can then be promoted and can start generating visitor insights in the analytics tool linked to that website or page.

Find more information on URL Builders here.

What is an UTM Link?

An UTM Link is generally a “trackable” or “tracking” link or a URL address that has tracking UTM codes added at the end. It is also known as a “Google Campaign URL” because the tracking and reporting process of marketing campaigns started with Google Analytics.

What is a Link Shortener?

A Link shortener is a tool able to convert any link – whether it is “base” or “trackable” – to a “short” link. It will usually have the short domain of the platform that is implementing the shortening process – like ctrly.io, for example, combined with a forward slash “/” after the domain and a code, which can be alphanumeric:


The combination might not make any sense, but when you click on it, you will be taken to a long link that will contain the actual domain of the web page that is your destination:


What is a UTM Builder?

UTM Builder and URL Builder are different phrases for the same tool.

What is Link Governance?

Link Governance pertains to the process that manages the operating procedures and rules ensuring that your link tracking process is standardized, uniform and error-free, regardless of the number of users or links involved.

Link Governance is of paramount importance for ensuring consistent reporting that provides accurate results and helps businesses derive quick, actionable and reliable analytics insights.

The insights are then used by marketing and analytics teams to optimize underperforming campaigns or invest into use cases that drive more customers and provide higher ROI.