Can Google Analytics UTM Tagging Be Used with Adobe Analytics

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Yes, you can happily do this and it is a well established process that many companies follow.

1. Here is the process, as explained by Analytics Guru Adam Grecco:

Using UTM Campaign Parameters in Adobe Analytics

Basically, your technical team will need to tweak your  s.getQueryParam()  query plugin for Adobe Analytics:


A discussion around this can also be found on Quora at this thread: Does Adobe Analytics have its own version of Googles custom UTM URLs for campaign tracking

2. Here is a link to the Adobe Analytics Tracking parameters plugin:

” …if you want to use the UTM campaign parameters, you can adjust the plug-in to concatenate the values into one string with a separator and pass it to the s.campaigns variable.”

Using the Adobe Analytics Query Parameters for UTM Campaign Tracking 

3. If you are on the look out for a tool that would help you automate this process and introduce consistent and easy process, ensuring high adoption rates among users, feel free to try our automated utm campaign parameters link tagging app.

4. How to make the most from the UTM campaign tagging app:

  • Create a free account to gain access to the tool and understand how it works
  • Contact us at support@campaign-trackly to give you access to our dedicated Adobe automated tag generator dashboard (not available for free users) and to provide you with a free 30-minute walk-through showing you how it works.
  • Adopting a consistent, error-free tracking parameter management process requires time, training and dedication, even with the easiest of the tools. For questions and tips, do not hesitate to contact us at We are happy to help.
Adobe Analytics CID Tagging Example

A simple example of a Single-link Adobe tagging campaign using the CID variable