Build, Shorten and Track Marketing URL Links in One Go

Now it's super-easy to track your email, social, blogs and multi-channel campaigns - just go with CampaignTrackly

The ultimate URL builder & Inbound tracking suite: instantly tags, builds, shortens

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No Code or UTM confusion - user-friendly wizard

User-friendly step-by-step wizard requires no code or learning.

When you use the Chrome extension, you don't even need to type your URL links and tagging is even faster.​

All your links - both long and shortened are stored in your account so you can use, edit, and keep track of them whenever you need​

Eliminate typing and duplicate errors

Create and use tagging templates so you don't need to enter tags manually.

Automatically grab or copy-paste page addresses from the browser to ensure you have the right link. 

Shorten and export links automatically so there's minimal manual processing and the potential for mistakes is minimized

 M. Page-Croft, Digital Marketing Manager

This is excellent. I love the integration with Google Analytics, and it makes it easy for someone not used to tracking since it walks you through the steps.