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Convert Your Spreadsheet in 2Hrs

If you have an established taxonomy in place, it takes about 2 hours to convert it from a spreadsheet into a dynamic library:

  • Copy-paste each tag and its values into a separate .CSV file.
  • Create and upload your tags in CampaignTrackly’s Custom Tags Page.
  • Build Campaign Templates to set up if/then rules and required tags.
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Build Adobe CID Links in Seconds

Drive adoption with our easy-to-use templates and get your entire team actually excited about building tracking links the smart and easy way.

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Have a Hybrid Adobe CID/GA UTM Model

Even better – we can activate all tagging options for your team and even build custom import templates for your users to ensure users can comfortable follow your established process.

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CampaignTrackly: A Top UTM Link Tracking Software As a Service

Currently, we have been ranked by Source Forge – the leading discovery and rating platform – as Top performers in Link Tracking Software.


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