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Working since 1995 Finished projects 256 Certificates 15 Awards/wins 6

Why Me & Leafwire Digital

I am a digital marketing expert who helps businesses automate their #Marketing to free up resources, unlock higher ROI, and focus more on #Growth. I use technology and innovation to deliver better, faster outcomes.

– I’ve helped companies on both sides of the pond increase brand awareness & gain more customers. Here are a few names: Shell Gas, Honeywell, FalconStor, Stonybrook University, Equinix, and ARM.

– My bragging rights include 256 finished digital marketing projects, 15 certifications, 6 awards, and numerous recommendations from supervisors, partners, and co-workers.

– I created Campaign Trackly, a SAAS service for marketers that helps automate and expedite significantly campaign URL tagging, shortening & reporting. This service is meant to help marketers win back some of their valuable time so that they can focus on more strategic activities while minimizing tedious, manual data processing work.

– I am also a blogger and some of my articles have been featured on Digital Donut & UpCity.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn: Milena Mitova on LinkedIn

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Your Benefits:

  • – Guaranteed results:
  • – Shorter campaign deployment cycles
  • – Faster pipeline growth
  • – Leaner digital marketing Ops
  • – Better returns on your markeing budget
  • – Transparent reporting tied to your business objectives

Meeting Your Needs

1. Are you a busy marketer who doesn’t have time to write social posts, emails, and blogs?

  • – 3 packaged content services tailored to your needs & budget

2. Do you need to start using high-converting emails to speed up your growth?

  • – 3 packaged email & marketing automation services tailored to your needs & budget

3. Do you need actionable online tactics that will generate more leads + ability to report on the value you are creating?

  • – Complete digital marketing audit plus a monthly digital plan that will significantly increase your growth

Email me at milena@leafwiredigital.com to get great offers on the above services.


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