Tracking the ROI of Your Marketing Efforts Provides Actionable Insights, Proves Your Value, and Unlocks Budgets. Are you Tracking your ROI?

According to the latest research conducted by leading Marketing Automation solution provider HubSpot:

  • 71% of marketers in large organizations, 57% of marketers in medium-sized businesses, and 42% of marketers in small companies stated that their top priority is the need to prove the value of their efforts (ROI) and get a marketing budget so they can continue to create brand awareness and generate leads for the sales teams.

Proven ROI unlocks budgets, but many companies are not even tracking their marketing efforts, let alone, recording and reporting their ROI to business decision makers.

The reason? Tracking every single marketing initiative is difficult and challenging without the right processes, tools, and operational approach.

Leafwire Digital’s Mission

Helping businesses see faster growth at less cost by automating their digital marketing efforts and optimizing their marketing investments.

The Faster, Easier way to Drive Awesome Marketing Metrics & Get a Bigger Marketing Budget

We can help you build, organize, track, and showcase the ROI of your digital marketing initiatives in a way that:

  • Saves you time
  • Automates tedious, manual tasks and makes things easy
  • Centralizes things for you so that you can be in control and get to finish your 5-day week to-dos in 4 days

Hire us – Our Tried and Tested Process Gives You a Success-ready Framework You Can Readily Build on – Easily and Effortlessly

We can show you how to engrain this data-driven approach into everything you do in your Marketing department and how to build it into a well-structured system that enhances your team’s productivity and empowers it to not only drive ROI but also showcase and prove it. Let’s chat about it , email us at

Expertise You Can Count On

Leafwire Digital’s managing director is Milena Mitova. Milena is a senior marketing professional with more than 14 years’ experience in delivering marketing strategies that impact results, improve productivity, and increase revenues. More information >>.

Milena’s specialties include:

  • Expertise in buyer personas, customer journeys, and campaign optimization,
  • Accelerating the sales and marketing funnel via targeted awareness, acquisition, and growth strategies and tactics.
  • Maximizing the value of digital online and mobile channels:
    • developing digital marketing strategies, programs, and tactics,
    • creating high-converting websites, landing pages, and blogs
    • executing growth-focused social media and email programs,
    • creating audience- and conversion-driven content marketing.

Partners Who Excel at What They Do

Leafwire Digital partners with trusted partners who excel at what they do. Their areas of expertise cover marketing automation, website development, app development, content creation, and more.

Contact Milena at with any questions.