UTM What? Why UTM Tags Help You Make Better Marketing Decisions

Why UTM tags – How are They Relevant to Marketing Metrics?

UTM tags help analytics tools become smarter without breaking the bank.

In turn, your analytics software can give you much more specific and actionable feedback about your campaigns, so you can improve your ROAS. You can improve your performance by following these 3 easy steps.

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  • UTM codes or tags are special words that we add at the end of website URL addresses before we start promoting them
  • Many marketers are still using the traditional URL builders that only generate one tracking link at a time to create their UTM-tagged URLs
  • Manual UTM code management is tedious and requires a lot of time and resources, especially in today’s marketplace, where more and more promotional channels are cropping up every single day.

View the explainer video that shows you why you need to tag:

What Happens if You Don’t Use UTMs to Make Your Analytics Software “Smarter”?

  • There are so many dashboards and analytics tools that track just about anything, so long as you “tell” them what to record.
  • What you miss is clumped together in your general reports. This makes it difficult to identify how effective a campaign is at creating visibility and generating new leads.
  • In result, proving the value of marketing campaigns and justifying budget spend becomes challenging.

Planning to start tagging, but concerned about the learning curve? Give CampaignTrackly a go. We promise you – no coding, no html, no need to deal with confusing UTM parameters and values. Our friendly wizard guides you and does all the work for you.

How Does UTM Tagging Work and Why it Could Be a Challenge

To track campaigns, you need to create specialized URL addresses for your pages and assets, called UTM-tagged links. The information contained in these URLs is enough to “guide” your analytics tool to sort, group, and track each campaign separately, and display the resulting reports in dedicated “buckets” that are easy to view and analyze.

Because each campaign has different duration, start dates, assets, terms, and promotional channels, setting up these tracking links ends up being a semi-manual & error-prone process requiring time and resources that marketers might not always have.

In addition, most links need to be processed further, as they have to be shortened for use in Social Media – which adds to the complexity of the tracking implementation.

Marketers are currently faced with the dilemma to either not track their campaigns (and therefore not get the credit they deserve for their hard work) or spend a lot of time copy-pasting these URL links across different software platforms and documents.

How CampaignTrackly Creates Value for You and Your Organization

CampaignTrackly automates how you generate UTM tracking parameters & shorten campaign URLs. It helps you streamline your entire tracking process so that you can make sure that you monitor effectively every single promotion without spending too much time and resources.

It also makes it simpler, easier and faster to keep track of all your campaigns for reporting purposes and gives you instant visibility to underperforming campaigns. Using CampaignTrackly you gain valuable campaign insights from your analytics tool without the need to spend extra time and resources. Marketers can now focus on what really matters to them: Marketing!

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With CampaignTrackly, you can cut down on campaign tracking setup time by more than 500% and add multiple channels and parameters at the click of a button.

You’ll even save time with bulk actions and auto-connect to your Bit.Ly, Google analytics, and other accounts, without code or programming.

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