Demo media 1754771033

Demo media 1754771033

Absolutely perfect theme. First time ever I achieved 98/100 in GTMetrix. I've been able to optimise this theme to load below 500ms with plenty of images! Incredible. Support is very helpful, even they wrote on their support website that customisations are not supported etc etc (only bugs) they are helping! Forum is full of suggestions.

Milena Mitova, MBA

Dynamic, data-driven senior marketing professional with global expertise in B2B sales revenues, go-to-market strategies and market growth. Has worked for Shell, Nestle, Honeywell, ARM, Equinix, FalconStor & other exciting organizations. Co-founder of CampaignTrackly. Blogger, technologist, & automation expert. In numbers: 256 digital projects. 6 awards. 15 professional certifications, including:

  • Google Analytics and Google eCommerce Analytics Certifications;
  • Social Media & Hootsuite Certifications
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing, MarketMotive SEO, PPC, Optimization Certifications & more.
Have analytics or ROI questions? Catch me on Quora or email me directly.

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